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Have you listened to those composers recently? Maybe you’ll find something that peaks your interest now, tastes change over time. Shostakovich was one that took me a while to warm up to.


Finally got around to listening to the Currentzis Rameau - remarkable album. Thanks for the tip on it. I probably would have gotten to it eventually but nice to get a head start.


Just in case you did not listen all the way through to the end, the last track is just sick

The soprano is perfection here, virtually no vibrato which ties so well to the overall approach he takes to the performance. Absolute perfection.

Glad you enjoy it!

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Ive made it about 2/3rds in. Will finish it soon.

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One of my all time favorites. Tchaik 5 is revered to my ears, can’t decide if I like this one or the Mravinsky more.


I have been working my way through Vanska’s Mahler recordings, and really enjoying them. Thanks for bringing him to my attention.


I’ve been listening to the Currentzis Tchaikovsky 6 lot. It’s definitely joined the list of my favorites. Classics Today complained about the sound, but I don’t hear anything bad.

I also have the Currentzis Beethoven 5 and Stravinsky, but haven’t gotten around to listening to them yet.


Lots of atonal stuff (due to book club) led me to seek a refreshing soul soothing session with Arvo Part.


Currentzis, from what I have gathered during my limited research on him, is a polarizing figure in the classical music. Ergo, some of his pieces may face undo scrutiny or harshness that goes beyond the actual quality of the music.

Outside of the complaint of him using vey low level playing that might make you want to turn up the volume only to face auditory decapitation by some following highly dynamic adventure, I have come across nothing about this music that sounds off or bad. Ive listened fairly intently to four of his albums and they are all remarkable for sound quality to my ears.

The 5th is excellent. His Beethoven 7th (just released on disc) is tremendous too. I actually havent gotten to the Stravinsky yet either.


I read that article.

Since I have now answered the question as to whether or not I read, I have little legitimate excuse not to read the book club book, at least outside of time constraints and my wandering the forum.

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If I accidentally inferred you didn’t read, or hadn’t seen that article, I apologize. It was what I found after your comment, and thought I would post it here for others who might be curious.

As to excuses for not joining the book club…… well, we are all having a great time, and would love to have you join!


I was joking, no offence taken my friend! I was just commenting on my tardiness re the book club. I got the kindle version ready to go and have read the preface so far… baby steps!


No pressure, but get a move on. We’re all waiting for you to catch up… (joke)

He’s a good writer and I found that the pages turn quite quickly. This being a serious topic, I chose to read actual paper pages.

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Ive done the e-reader thing for some time now so its almost reflexive and also very convenient. Part of me wants to go back to paper and there are a few physical books in my possession that I want to get to.

I cant do e-reader for any professional journals or texts, just doesnt feel right, especially if the reference is very heavy with pics, diagrams or what not. Give me my double volume 3000 page reference text over some file on an iPad. I only question the environmental impact re paper use.

On a more related note, the Currentzis Mahler 6th is really good. Forgot about that one for a second. I discovered this guy randomly and everything he does musically just seems great to me. I actually bought CDs for the first time in ages of a couple of his works and will get more in time. I dont even have a good transport or player for them - just wanted a physical copy - which I just burnt as a flac.


“Outside of the complaint of him using vey low level playing that might make you want to turn up the volume only to face auditory decapitation by some following highly dynamic adventure,”

If I remember correctly the opening of that Tchaikovsky 6th is a perfect example. I’ll have to revisit it. Evaluating a new amp for the next week to 10 days for the dev so should be able to squeak it in there sometime.

As I’ve said on many occasions, the advent of digital recording allows for a wider dynamic range but its a question of should it be stretched to the point of having to twiddle with any controls breaking the flow of the music and one’s mental focus on it? Dynamic range capability in the home and in the concert hall are 2 different things. Nothing gets lost in the concert hall because of low volume or distorts or is cringe-worthy at the peaks. At least not in the 10 halls I’ve been to over the decades. Referring here to acoustic instrument only.


As Im all about the Currentzis at the moment I took a good listen to this.

I am very impressed by this piece and what Mahler created here. Currentzis does a fine job with this one. This is the first Mahler symphony that has really gripped me. Quite frankly I find this to be very much a musical odyssey.

I need to sit and really try and capture Mahlers other works. I think Ive been missing out. Will go back in the thread as I know there has been numerous discussions about him with recommendations even beyond the @FLTWS master work. The Vanska Mahler 6th will be listened to.


omg, I really need to frequent this thread more. So much legit classical music talk! :heart_eyes:

I’m absolutely going to listen to all of these suggestions that have been coming up recently. In particular, I’m going to hit up @FLTWS 's Mahler list, as I’ll be playing Mahler 5 later this year; I’m a classical bassist, and the orchestra I play in is reconvening after the summer, and starting right back up in the deep end!

I didn’t want to post without a contribution, so I wanted to leave everyone with this little gem:

Yes, yes, I know it’s not Mahler or Brahms or Rachmaninov, but for anyone who wants to hear some of these ultimately really well composed movie works in stellar quality (much better than the movie soundtrack disks), this was a great find. They do botch the Star Wars Main Title a bit (so sad), but the sound quality is still excellent.


OK, I’ll bite, just ordered a CD copy from Amazon. Curiously they seem to have 2 editions available:

Reading some of the comments for the Japanese issue are interesting, (note there is a “translate to English” button after each comment in Japanese). There is no indication that it is one of the specialty transfer / pressings like are issued by “K2” and others.


I was just thinking of Williams over the weekend (as I was watching “Jaws” for the umpteenth time) and his many collaborations with Spielberg’s films; the Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Close Encounters, the Jurassic Park series, and on and on. I enjoy film scores from many composers like Horner, Zimmer, Newton-Howard, Gregson Williams, etc., and I also have quite a few of the less prolific, less well-known ones like Jeff Beal, Johan Soderqvist, David Julyan, Cliff Martinez, and my ultimate choice for an all-time stumper when playing “Name That Tune” would be Mica Levi’s score for “Under the Skin”.