Connecting AURALiC VEGA?


So as a fairly new person interested in audio in general I decided to buy the AURALiC VEGA (I got it for “cheap”) and wanted to hook it up.

At the moment its just plugged into my CD-player trough RCAs into my Schiit IEMagni (yes I know, too bad of an amp)

Question is though, since this DAC does not have a headphone socket, how would you guys connect headphones to it? What amp is good? You have to have an amp right?

And yes, feel free to roast me for buying such stupidly expensive stuff when I know nothing =)

Hey, no need to roast you :wink:
Yes, you need an amp.
What amp depends on your budget and preferences.
Schiit’s Jotunheim is a very good solid state amp and is very powerful. You get both balance and single ended connection.
If you don’t need the balance output for your headphone a good option can be Schiit’s Asgard (3). This also is quite powerful and is also on the warm side.
If you want to try tubes a Lyr 3 can be a good starting point.
If you prefer a more analytical sound THX amps are the way to go (honestly not my path).
Burson’s are great amps too, also on the warm side.
As you may get it really depends from the flavour you want.
I hope this helps.


Use the headphone jack on the IEMagni for now: Vega → RCA cable → IEMagni → Headphone cable

Amp choice: These range from clean solid state, to warmer solid state, and to tube amps. There are MANY amp choices and nuances. I recommend starting with the tread below. Beyond that you must try different setups to find what you like.

What brand/model of headphones do you own now?