Schiit Mjolnir 3

Got one today 19Sep23 and couldn’t find a thread for this amp.

First impressions: This mother f*cker is the most unforgiving amp I’ve ever owned. Great recordings are great, bad recordings are revealed for the crap they are. It’s hot literally and sonically. Play a bright recording through this amp and the Calderas and this is the result



I’ve got an MJ3 on the way to me this week. I’ll be using it with my Meze Elite and ZMF Auteur (OG). I’ll be interested to see if I have the same experience in regard to the quality of the recording with my headphones. I hope it’s not as face-melting as you describe!


That’s funny because I have Meze Elites coming this week. Let’s see how it goes!!!



Been listening to MJ3>Caldera quite a bit, I agree with your comments. Now trying MJ3>Atrium, first impression is that the pairing is not as convincing, a bit softer, deeper soundstage but less definite placement.


Congrats and hope you enjoy.

I don’t think there was one, people were using the schiit thread.

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I think you’re in for a treat with the Elite. It’s become my favorite set of headphones over the last few years. I hope it’s a good match with the MJ3.

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I’ve had the MJ3 paired with Yggy OG A2 for a few weeks now and it’s been a wonderful match with the LCD-5s. I usually use the conv. filter, but now I prefer without it using the MJ3.

I haven’t had as much enjoyment in such a while and don’t recall getting the same feeling when I tried the Ferrum stack or AHB2. Both of those amps drove the LCD-5 fine and power wasn’t an issue, obviously. I think push-pull + feedback gets it closer to those amps which is another thing I love about the MJ3, how versatile it is.

My preferred setting is SE Class A + no feedback.


I posted my initial impressions here:

I’ve been using it with my Audeze LCD-5 for a couple of weeks now and that is an excellent pairing. I’m using low gain, push-pull, no feedback, but haven’t really experimented with the other settings on the LCD-5.

One addendum to my original post, the push-pull does measure 1db louder than single ended (with the LCD-5). So comparing the various settings is difficult since they all affect the output level.

I’m considering selling all of my other solid state amps (not that I have a lot of them).


Your impressions of the Atrium are not surprising to me, as I share your opinion on it.

My point of comparison/contrast is with Utopia 2020, and I love my Atrium when I want a more relaxed listen or with less than great recordings.

I seriously thought about about getting MJ3, but I went in a different direction (Nitsch/ECP DSHA-3FN) and the wife would kill me if a MJ3 showed up here! :laughing:

I hope to hear one at a meet, I’d love to try my Rosson on it!

Enjoy you guys :+1:


I own the original DSHA-3F as well, different location. It’s as different from the MJ3 as can be while staying in the very good solid-state class: MJ3 is basement club, 3F small chamber music room. 3F pairs very well with Atrium, but it can’t do justice to Caldera.


LOL! Nice analogy :laughing:

No doubt, I’ve heard that from others as well.

Surprisingly, it does a much better job with the Rosson than I was expecting. My previous amp was a Burson Soloist GT, which definitely has more authority in the bass with the RAD-0. But not enough difference to keep it, especially for 1 headphone.

Plus, the DSHA-3 imparts its other very desirable characteristics even with the Rosson. It must be easier to drive/less current hungry (?) than the Caldera, and it has a different sound signature perhaps as well. I was quite surprised overall :+1:

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I did get to hear a Caldera with an original MJ1 at a meet, it was a very good match. MJ1 was also lots of fun with the Rosson.

It would be cool to hear MJ1 and MJ3 side by side, and hear the evolution.


Got the Elites yesterday, so far I think the mj3 is a great pairing!


My MJ3 was supposed to arrive Friday, but USPS decided to claim they couldn’t access my neighborhood. Waited all day Saturday and still no amp. Hoping now for Monday, but I’m sure I’ll be at work when they come by, and it requires a signature. If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to sign for it at the post office tomorrow after work or Tuesday if they really drop the ball.


I hope you both write up your thoughts after some use with it, synergies you like, and what all you’re connecting to it.

Happy listening! :+1:

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Picked up my MJ3 from the post office today. Plugged it in tonight and have been having my first listen. It’s quite impressive so far.

I’m using the following settings on the MJ3: low gain, single-ended, no feedback. I’ve got the MJ3 connected to my Yggy A2 using XLR cables. I’m listening with my Meze Elite using a ZMF Verite Silver 4-pin XLR cable.

Resolution is excellent like everyone has mentioned. Details are extremely easy to pick out without feeling like the amp is forcing them in your face. It’s very natural sounding with no harshness. Bass is really well-controlled with great texture and impact.

I look forward to listening to it more this week while it settles in. I’ll try to report back with more impressions as I get more accustomed to the amp and all its nuances.


I’m considering purchasing a MJ3 and comparing it to my MJ1 (and maybe getting rid of the latter or moving it home from work, though the architecture is interesting). However, I’m not entirely sure what will be improved as I haven’t found any comparisons. Most of my headphones are high impedance models so it should prove to be enjoyable.


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New to the forum. I currently have a speaker system in the family room. I am moving to a small village home in Europe and have decided to move to a headphone system. I read up a bit and decided on a Schiit system. I ordered a Bifrost 2/64 and Mjolnir 3 in October. I also ordered a pair of Audeze lcd-5 which should be arriving tomorrow. Quite excited and hope the sound is worth the investment. Given the Schiit shipment wont go out now untill Nov 20 I will have to wait a while. I grabbed a cardas clear usb cable to go from the pc to the bifrost and a pair of cardas cross balanced interconnects. looking for any input. Granted a little late. should have asked before the purchases.


I have this same stack (BF 2/64->MJ3->LCD-5) and I’m very pleased. I don’t know what level of speakers you are used to but I’m confident you’ll be happy with this setup too.


Good To Hear. Nice to hear from someone who has the same stack. Its always tough when someone with 10x as much sunk into a system comes back and says how nice that one component you have sounds great.