Connecting ipad pro to dac/amp

I know this is basic but any help is appreciated. Typically i listen to music either stored in or via Tidal on an A&K DAP. Unfortunately, Tidal quit working and I cannot log in again on the DAP. I tried emptying cache, reloading Tidal App, changing passwords etc. very frustrating. I decided to use The Ipad pro, but not sure what i need to connect. I have aDAC /amp combo Phonitor amp. As well as a Jot 2. I purchased a usbc/rca adaptor, but not getting the sound. Thanks for suggestions

You need the apple dongle to convert lightning to usb, and then a usb cable to run from the dongle to the doc on your phoniter.

It’s called the camera connection kit, and there are two versions. I prefer the one that lets me charge at the same time.

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Thank you. The ipad pro is new, thus has USB-C connector and not lightning.

Weird, that should support digital out directly.

Have you connected the usb c on your iPad tto the usb input on the phoniter using a usb cable?

I have not. I only have a usb c to rca connector. Is the solution to have a C to USB?

Yep. Shouldn’t be hard to get one from Amazon or even the local Walgreens has them.

Mark Gosdin

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Did you check the date and time on your dap? I had the same problem with tidal and that is all it was. My time was 1 hour off and it would not let me log in. That may not be the problem but it’s worth a try.

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Thanks for the tip. Checked it just now and the time is correct.

Which model is your AK DAP?

The DAP I am using is the SR 15

Might try reloading via Open APK.

Hello I use any USB-C OTG cable- the Audioquest is very good and costs and costs roughly $40.00AUD.