Current Set-Up Pics - Official Picture Thread

All the comics I have read lately come from people that read 10x the amount I do, and I just skim the top off their recommendations.

My top three series (after Calvin and Hobbes and the Far Side):

Hawkeye: Hawkeye (2012 - 2015) | Comic Series | Marvel

Saga: Saga | Image Comics

Planetary: Planetary | Comic Book Series | Fandom

I also just gave my nephew a pile of books. I find my self rereading less as I get older, so am much more willing to move things along and clear out room for MOAR CRAP!

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All great comics! I’m hoping they will do a Saga movie or tv show. I’m surprised it hasn’t happened already based on all the other less creative comic sources that they have used so far.

A couple favorites of mine are Preacher, Sandman, fear agent, and Sin City. Anything done by Tom King super hero wise too.

That Hawkeye is awesome and written by a great writer. Bro bro lol.

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Most of my comics were from the 60s-80s with a little from the 90s mixed in.
Absolutely love Planetary, it’s probably my all time favorite series, closely followed by Grant Morrison’s run on JLA.
Warren Ellis who wrote Planetary has a lot of great titles including Global Frequency and Ocean as short runs.

Scott Snyder’s run on Batman was really good especially Court of Owls, but it feels to me like he’s gone from over the top to jumping the shark recently


Moebius is by far my favorite comic writer/artist. Under his own name (Jean Giraud) he made “Blueberry”, but I prefer his sci-fi work under the Moebius alias. He had the best way to draw I have seen.


I admit to being a fan of the underground comix of my day. Zap 1-4, Meef 1 & 2, S Clay Wilson - Captain Pissgums - Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers.

Long since lost all of them, Fat Freddie’s Cat, my fave.


I love talking comics, but we’ve hijacked the gear pics thread.
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Gordon, love your Rorschach.
Have you read Denny O’Neil’s Question?
Seminal reading for a comics fan.
There’s even an issue when The Question dreams he’s Rorschach (All The Watchmen are modeled after Carlton comics heroes and Rorschach is based on the Question).


Long time lurker, first time poster. Great info on this forum!

Current setup:
Auralic Aries G1
Musician Pegasus
MHA200 is 2 days old - NOS Mullard input tubes.


Awesome setup! Loving the look of the MHA200. How does it sound?

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I’m pretty smitten so far; it is shockingly good.

I almost pulled the trigger on a LTA amp last year but had been waiting for something to come out with balanced input. I’ve always been a SS Class A headphone listener before getting the VC’s and this is just perfect for me. I was running a Flux Lab FA-10 prior.


I’m pretty smitten so far; it is shockingly good. To be fair though, I have not heard many high end headphone tube amps and I should give it another few days before being critical.

I almost pulled the trigger on a LTA amp last year but had been waiting for something to come out with balanced input. I’ve always been a SS Class A headphone listener before getting the VC’s and this is just perfect for me. I was running a Flux Lab FA-10 prior.

My dealer/friend bought the demo from the 1st production run so I had to wait for the 2nd run, lol.


I love the look of that Macintosh amp too. Really cool how they kept it looking like there bigger brothers. Makes me think I wish Audio Research would do a headphone amp too!


It’s a pretty piece, especially with the tube cover removed.

I do wish they’d rotated it 90 degrees, however … so the tubes were front and center.

And it’d be more McIntosh if it had the “Blue-Vues” …


It’s trying look like the old school 275 type of Macintosh amps which I really like look wise. The green tubes is something they have been do a lot lately but I like the blue atmosphere of their other gear a lot more. Personally I’m an Audio Research fan and value their amps over Macintosh when I’ve compared in the past. I own the Ref75 and used to have a ref150 both being stellar amps and would love to see them use it to influence a ref5 (lol 5 watt kt120/150 headphone amp built with similar circuitry and Sonics using OT’s with 300 hm taps). I think audio research does tube sound majestically however untubey they are in reality. Best middle ground of solid state and tubes for both schools of thought to like. But when it comes to looks for me Macintosh wins tenfold.

In comparison to the looks of the ref150 being very simple and nothing creative:



Maybe you would disagree as I thought you didn’t care for chassis showing transformers on top, correct? Maybe you would favor the more conservative look of the ref150 although switching it into a headphone amp wouldn’t be anything that stands out being very creative vs how cool the above Macintosh headphone amp looks.

I don’t mind transformers showing on top.

I just don’t like the flat, grey, boxes that cover the transformers on the DNA Sellaris.

The one at the back left that of the Stellaris that just has bells on, or those exposed on the Pendant or BHC or ampsandsound stuff are fine.

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I have not been able to find an on-line dealer. Where did you buy yours? If it sounds as good as it looks, I would jump all over it.

Don’t know your location but you should be a able to find one here….

Whether they have any in stock is unlikely. Sounds like they’re pretty back ordered.

If people wanna buy the MHA200 let me know. I have a dealer right near me that I went to hear the MHA200 from, and they have them for sale. I think they got some still.

I wrote a review of it on SBAF, but its not very positive.


McIntosh isn’t allowing any online sales. I had one reserved at Gramophone in MD - it came in on 6/22 but I had just left for vacation.

If you have a local dealer, they’re going to be your best bet. There are still waiting lists and limited production. First run was only 40 units (second was 80 I believe).