Off Topic Comics!

Great Convo going on in gear pics that needs to be moved!


I actually didn’t respond over there because it was a little off topic, thank you for starting this.

You mentioned “Court of Owls” which has been on my list for a long time. I never really got into “traditional” comics, other than enjoying the one where Superman was born in Russia and Watchmen, (which is pretty untraditional).

I also keep meaning to give the Sandman books a real try, but never seem to find the time.

If you want to PM me your address I have Snyder’s run on Batman in Graphic Novel form. I’d happily send them to you as long as I get them back at some point.
Opens with Court of Owls

No I have never seen any of his work, but DC comics and similar items are hard to get around here. But both the Watchmen comics and the movie are fantastic (The HBO series was crap IMO, not that I got beyond the pilot).

Incredibly kind offer!

I am currently suffering from an embarrassment of riches. I have little time, and a pile of audio gear I owe impression on, plus a house that needs remodeled. My “to read shelf” just gut upgraded to “shelves” as I am falling ever more behind.

My business is seasonally busy though, so I may be pming you this winter to beg!

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Well, the offer stands if you find yourself wanting to read them. They’re just sitting here on the shelf.