Current Set-Up Pics - Official Picture Thread

Thanks haha. My goal is having 2 headphones 1 open and 1 closed. Ultimately I prefer a warmish sound sig with elevated subbass and clear mids. But between open and closed I’m looking for:

Open: Airy, spacious, neutral/warm, smooth
Closed: Thumpy, fun. dynamic, warm

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I am blown away with the set-ups pictured here.

This is my current setup. Always subject to change at the " drop of a hat ".


I apologize for my pork ohote in the dark which I would have loved for all to see the beauty of the tubes, especially the Princess

Loving this setup right now.

Woo Audio Stand, Audeze LCD 4s, Woo Wa6-SE 2nd Gen . Sophia Princess Rectifier , 13EM7 Tube With Adapter NOS, lots of nos driver tubes, Matrix X-Sabre Pro Dac


Very nice!

The WA6 and WA6-SE are probably Woo’s best-value amplifiers (and excellent performers to boot).

Which 13EM7 tubes did you go with? My big Woo amp uses the same signal tubes …


This is all they say: 13EM7 Tube With Adapter (New Old Stock In Pair)


  • Matched pair with adapter

The boxes are certainly old looking, but the tubes only say made in USA . I really enjoy them compared stocks. Jack always seems to put junky stock tubes, but he’s pretty good with upgrades. I do have some better driver tubes, but these seem to be more detailed and bring more punch to the already outstanding bass in the LCD 4s.
Last but not least the Stock Rectifier is junk to me. The Sophia Princess makes all the difference in the world. I’m looking around for some of the Brimar rectifiers. They are said to be excellent (very subjective term).

Liquid Spark by Alex Cavalli and Monolith - with special guest Topping DX7 and Pete Millet Starving Student

P1020276 P1020282 P1020283


Sounds like an Ice cream sundae with toppings. :wink:

Very nice. Thanks

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Is that the preview unit from monolith? I’m looking forward to their THX amp for headphones. How does the Cavali sound?

Nope. It went on sale on Thursday and I ordered it then. Just came in this afternoon.

I was actually really wanting the Monolith Liquid Platinum tube amp.

I don’t know how to properly review amps but here’s my attempt to do an early impressions:

The Liquid Spark with it’s famed Cavalli magic manages to turn fire from a gaseous combustion of water, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and other natural elements into a liquid matter that electrifies the music coming out of my DX7 DAC. This budget amp is capable of turning simple lean acoustic tracks into a buttery smooth and warm (like toast) breakfast treat with the toaster spark that it energizes into the songs. There’s some hints of metallic shine, probably due to it’s anodized toaster-like spark, but given enough spark-in time, I imagine the sound will continue to warm into a solid latte-like liquid beverage.

Ya. In all seriousness, I have it sitting next to two other amps. The DX7 as a DAC/Amp combo is very analytical but due to its great extension, I find its a very good amp. The Liquid Spark has an slightly warmer and thicker sound to it but still retains good detail. Its more mid-focused than the Millet I have next to it. The Millet doesnt extend super deep but I like that it smooths out some of the treble from the DX7 for my two planars (HE560 and Sine). The Spark was a tad bright to start but (whether its burn in or brain-in) it’s starting to tame a bit.

I dont know if I really said much, but I’ve only listened for 2 hours so far using the Audeze Sine. Planning on bringing this into work to use.


Shelf done, can’t really see the purple heart color as good with the lighting and camera phone, but I like it much better than the cheap sheet metal that was there before.


My current setup is:
Headphones: ZMF Classic, AKG K275, Sennheiser HD600, Marantz Pro MPH-2, Hifiman HE-560, Hifiman HE-4xx, MrSpeakers Aeon Flow Open
DAC/Amps: Cavalli Tube Hybrid, Cavalli Liquid Carbon X, Monoprice Monolith THX AAA 788, Geshelli Labs Enog2 Pro, Geshelli Labs Archel Pro, APPJ PA1502A, Aune X7s, Aune X1s
Misc: Gustard U12


Nice set up!

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Thank you :grin:I enjoy it very much.

Nice smoochz’n other folk’s fine audio gadgets and gizmos …

Desktop System: Cayin Tri-Stack ( iHA-6 amp, iDAC-6 DAC, iPAP-6 Streamer ), Schiit Wyrd / Loki and the EnigmAcoustics Dharma D1000 Hybrid Electrostatics headphone. Also in photos, My Player via USB / Roon ~w Tidal and Qobuz streaming services ( EVGA SC17 1070 4K Laptop - custom power, USB and connectors throughout ) and other my HP’s in their Shrouds Sennheiser 800s, Final Audio Sonorous VI, Sony MDR-Z1R, Sony MDR-Z7m2, Focal Utopia, Meze Empyrean, Audeze LCD-X, Hifiman Edition-X v2( all ~w custom XLR 4Pin or Dual 3Pin cabling ).


I was just saying on discord last night how beautiful that Cayin Desktop setup was, and now I see someone actually has it. Very nice!


I’d love to hear a synopsis comparing your current stable of cans.


@ antdroid

Thanks much … did a lot of research and risk taking on this system - sourced all 3 Cayin pieces from 3 separate vendors at reduced cost … it all just came together - I lucked out … the Schiit additions round and maxes things out nicely.

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@ pwjazz …

That’s a lot of comparisons per se … Every day, I tend to think one of those HP’s is better than the next one … The Dharma D1000 in the forefront ~w a decent cable sound astounding and are not given enough due credit in my humble opinion and ranks among my ultimate fav, as do the Audeze LCD-X … They all have their sweet spots, depending on mood, song, and delivery :slight_smile:


Wow what a stunning setup, some great gear there. Some audio nirvana right there in that room. Respect.

@ prfallon69

I’m certainly appreciative of your generous remarks … THANK You !!!

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