Current Set-Up Pics - Official Picture Thread

Do you still like the Chord-Ferrum-D8000pro chain?

I‘m looking for a solidstateamp between Hugo2 and D8000pro (and VeriteOpen)…

This is my current movie setup. I have on the desk:

Samsung 4k TV > Audioquest Vodka Toslink > Sound BlasterX G5 DAC > Audioquest Sydney 3.5 to RCA > JDS Labs Atom amp > Senn HD 800.

I’m very satisfied with the sound now, but I’m always open to perhaps a higher end amp / DAC in the future. But right now, I don’t really feel the need. (just updated from Golden Gate cables to Sydney and am impressed with the extra space, dimensionality and detail level)


Tidal Connect > Bluesound Node 2021 > Coax > Technics SU-G700M2 > Hart Audio Cables > Sennheiser HD 800S / DCA Ether 2 / Oppo PM-1

Hated this amp initially streaming LDAC from an iFi Zen Blue V2. Upgrade to Tidal Connect via Bluesound Node seems to have improved things significantly. Either that, or psychoacoustic adjustment stretches from loathe (harsh, strident, artefact-ridden) to like very much (i.e. as good as any other solid state amp I’ve heard, bar a possibly slightly narrow soundstage - but this may be because of the juxtaposition with my new two-channel setup).


Is that a ZMF TH900 on the left @Torq?

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I’m thinking of buying a Forza Noir Hybrid for my ZMF Auteur and would appreciate anything you could tell me about them. Thanks.

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It feels great, it looks great, it has zero microphonics. I would buy it again.


Torq isn’t around anymore.

Left to right is ZMF Atticus or Eikon?, HD820, TH900 MK2 and Sony Z1R.

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Thanks Deepy. On the basis of your comments and from others on this forum, I’ve decided to get the Forza Hybrid. Appreciate your help.


Congratulations @Leemore5745. Please let us know of your experience with it. Best of luck.

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Updated listening room with my questionable taste in artwork etsy canvases. First image is a Banksy style monkey with heaphones, second is a painting of a TDK tape (because as a Gen X/millennial cusper - that’s the format I really grew up on), third is the patent application for the headphone. Not sure if it’s real. but it’s dated Spet, 13 1966 by G.F. Falkenberg, patent number 3,722,926.

I’ve also added a grumpy goose headphone stand (which is absolutely gorgeous - highly reccomended) holding the LCD-5 between the two gold Woo stands on the top shelf.


What a great Space. You have done a fine job with it. Nice relaxing place by the look of it. Congratulations.