Current Set-Up Pics - Official Picture Thread

Yeah, I have stepped out of line and headphones staff intervened. However, the outcome actually turned positive in my case and he even gave me some useful advice. Unlike Head-Fi, my posts here were not censored.
I also appreciate that superbestaudiofriends does not censor posts either. Although one consequence is that sometimes they can come off pretty raw. So I too understand the importance of a cautious tiptoe when attempting to be superbest.
I do miss the days of Headwize and early budding of Head-Fi. The amp designers of that era are my idols. They were cool, nerdy, and generous. I learned so much from them.


In my case it was just a matter of a staff member being a douchbag to me when I asked a simple question. Maybe he was having a bad day or maybe he is a huge douchebag. I just walked away.


I do get an earful.

That is a spectacular idea. I can’t wait to get my hooks installed!

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I only lurk at HF on very specific threads, but what do you mean by the above?

Are you the guy that had bad luck multiple times with the LP amp?


Yes, that was me. I had an LP for quite a while and then sold it off. I regretted it later and tried to replace it when Monoprice was having a clear out sale. But I had problems with the units I bought and ended up getting a refund.


I was referring to my posts on Head-Fi that exposed the poor designs in Topping amplifires and their deceitful lying practices. On Head-Fi those posts were deleted.

Conversely, I mentioned that all of my posts and other member posts regarding poor designs in Topping amplifires and their deceitful lying practices remain uncensored both here on headphones dot com and on


I guess I see it now. For instance, I don’t remember any “this product sounds like :poop:” kind of sentences on HF. And your particular experience only adds to this evidence. :joy:


My setup now is pretty simple, but I’ve reached a point of real satisfaction with it, I enjoy it a lot.

Headphones are not pictured, but I have iMac 27 (2019) with Apple Music & Qobuz (both hi-res/lossless) feeding Yggy OG, to Nitsch DSHA-3FN and Nitsch Magni. The Magni/Loki is strictly for preamp duties to some venerable Monsoon 2.1 planars. The speakers are mostly for AV sound when I watch movies/shows, and for background music working at the computer. The Marantz is for SACD playback direct to the DSHA-3 via SE inputs, and as a CD transport output to the Yggy via coax.

The headphone collection includes Utopia 2020, ZMF Verite Open, Atrium Open, Rosson RAD-0, and Clear OG. An embarrassment of nice headphones :grin:. I’m really happy with the synergies of everything overall. :+1:


More than 3 years later, ended-up standardizing my rig with Monoprice/Cavalli stuff. They sound good and also harmonize with the furniture. :grin:


Officially this is the current up to date mothership rack. I’m quite happy with this. Clean power all the way.


Today’s iteration. Tomorrow will be different :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Part of the fun of the hobby…


Mr. Donald North up at the top. :blush:

Where it belongs in more ways than one. :vulcan_salute:

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giphy (13)



Swapped out A90/MT-604 for a DSHA-3FN => Arctic Cable → Utopia OG. Very happy with this rig!


I bet! Same amp, same headphone, same brand of cable. :+1:


Took a back drop photo of my system to highlight the D-8000. Notice the ZMF crescent leather headband strap and the latest Washi Pads (type H).
I couldn’t be happier. Comfort and performance I feel is at its best.


Nice! What DAC are you using?

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I have a Schiit Yggy OG. It’s a fun combo.

How about you?