Dan Clark Audio AEON 2 - Open & Closed - Official Discussion

The Noires are really, really nice. I have Aeon 2 Closed with Noire pads, so basically a red-and-black Noire. Call it the Rouge Noire? :slight_smile:

I don’t get people calling the Noire’s boring. No, they’re not detail monsters. But the tuning is so balanced, so smooth that I can listen to them for a long time and get lost in the music. The sub-bass is FANTASTIC, giving warmth throughout the signature.

I can’t stand crispy or peaky treble, so my “Rouge Noires” work well for me. Glad you’re digging yours!


It’s a function of the amp, as shaped by DC’s extremely low 13 ohm impedance designs. My (older) Aeon sounds horrible on an underpowered amp, just “meh” on some nominally powerful amps, but nice on a powerful amp with adequate current delivery.


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Sorry I’m a bit late to this response…but after doing a thorough review finally of the Noire I must say that they still sounded great off of a dongle DAC to me. I did have to pretty much top out the volume on my phone, but I didn’t feel like it was still too quiet from a volume perspective.

One thing that was fun to do was use the dolby atmos through Amazon Music and listen. The Noire’s really are a very good closed back to me.

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Had the chance to try the Noire yesterday along with the Focal Clear MG, Sennheiser HD800s and my own Audeze LCD-X. I must say…. The NOIRE was my favourite of the bunch by a long shot. I see why some people find them lean in the dynamics department but honestly, I didn’t find them too bad there. The bass is still engaging and they are very detailed. But, most importantly, the tuning is just spot on for my taste. I’m going to get myself a set and I have a feeling they will replace my LCD-X


Interesting, I haven’t heard any DCA yet.

Curious what the chain was in this comparison?


  1. Don’t chase the dragon of technicalities on headphones with poor FR.
  2. Aeon 2 Noire is a great hi-fi can even in comparison to its more expensive open-back counterparts.

Apple Lossless high res - ifi Gryphon - headphones. So nothing too fancy. No x-space or xbass was used. Volume matching was done by ear. Also, keep in mind, these are just one person’s opinions and ymmv. Also, yes. There are going to be people who say that I was limited by my source but I really don’t buy it and we’re going to have to agree to disagree until someone can explain to me in a civil and intelligent way why I am wrong. Also, I think it’s probably safe to say that in this comparison between the Clear MG, LCD-X, Sennheiser HD800S and Aeon Noire that the Noire is one of the most demanding in terms of power requirements.

There are definitely reasons for a person to prefer any of these cans and, if you have questions, I could go more in depth on my opinions of each. However, for someone like myself who is looking for one headphone to meet all of their needs, the Aeon 2 Noire is just so versatile. Ideal form factor for anything from long at-home sessions to portable listening. Is it the MOST engaging can in terms of technicalities? Maybe not? But it’s by no means boring. Again, there is great detail and, in my opinion, the bass had good weight (a feature lacking in the dynamic cans I compared to). While lacking some immediate punch (maybe) compared to headphones significantly more expensive (mainly the LCD-X and Clear). The biggest selling feature of the Noire, in my opinion, is their FR. Which is, as advertised, neutral. For once, a headphone advertised as neutral lives up to the expectation.

We can be tempted to chase technicalities with the hopes that we can get even more bang for our buck making trade-offs in terms of EQ and sound isolation. Yet, after a year of owning one of the most technically capable headphones on the market and tweaking it to my ideal FR. I was still won over by a headphone that costs almost half as much that is tuned well out of the box. Can my LCD-X sound better than the noire after significant EQ (and I mean like 6db of EQ)? Maybe (and I really mean maybe because it isn’t so black and white). But after all of that. I still have to run some form of EQ software, I can only use certain transports, certain streaming services, no exclusive mode, not to mention the weight, size, and lack of isolation (obviously) of the LCD-X which limits me to at-home use and also, I would say it limits me to at-home use when it is quiet which, in the city, is rare even at night.

Prominent reviewers who are very knowledgeable and experienced with audio frequently discuss the merits of the harman target curve and caution against chasing technicalities. I think it’s great advice… I learned the hard way (will take a couple hundred dollars worth of loss to sell my LCD-X). Try before you buy and don’t assume you can just fix it with EQ because, while you can make it better, without a measurement system you’re really just thrusting yourself into the circle of confusion and trying to convince yourself that you can get out of it.


The comfort of the DCA Noire is top notch stock. They do require a little bit of power and are rated at 13 ohms. They are a step up from the original Aeon Flow Closed. Add a ZMF headband pad for additional comfort.


I have four sets of DCAs. Great cans. Excellent in terms of weight and comfort.


I travel with the DCA Noires + Chord Mojo 2 and they allow me to bring the music with me where I need it (like traveling with the in-laws). Great combo if not compact. I tried IEMs but just can’t deal with them.

I also have the Stealths and I can see what’s been building up to them.

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Never underestimate the magic of great tonal balance inherent to the design of a headphone.


What other DCA headphones do you have? Also, what kind of music do you listen to, and what’s in your audio chain?

I’m asking as the Noire has been on my radar, and I have the RT/open which I have enjoyed overall… :+1: :sunglasses:


Ether 2, Ether CX (Drop version), Noire, Aeon Flow Closed

Source (main system) Aurender A10/Bryston BDP-2
Source (office system) Aurender N100SC/Bryston BDP-2/microrendu HQ Player

DAC (main system) Wyred4Sound DAC-2v2SE 10th Anniversary
DAC (office system) Chord Qutest

Preamp (main system) Wyred4Sound STP-SE Stage 2
Preamp (office system) Sparkos Aries

Headphone amp (main system) Ampsandsound Kenzie Encore
Headphone amp (office system) Ampsandsound Kenzie/Sparkos Aries

Also have a Burson Conductor 3XR, GSX-mini, and Benchmark DAC3 HGC.

I listen to mostly rock and pop music. Favorite eras are the 70s, 80s, and 90s. I’ve been listening to Steely Dan and Donald Fagen most of the weekend.

Preferred source is the Aurender(s). The Bryston BDP-2s are when I want to listen to something in Roon. Aurender only does Roon in Airplay. The microrendu is for HQPlayer, but I rarely use it.

The Noire is a nice headphone. I also use it with my DAP AK SE200 (with a 2.5 mm balanced cable).


Is there a world which one would be happier with these than the clear OG? Outside of NEEDING closed back (which I don’t).

Some people might prefer planars in general (as I often do), but for overall enjoyment, I’d lean towards the Clear personally.


I love them too. Have the Mad Dog, Alpha Prime, Noire and the Drop versions of Aeon and Ether. I really lucked out 10-12 years ago with the Mad Dog and Alpha Prime, because whichever musician/employee tuned them did a fantastic job–don’t consider it too far fetched to use a car comparison and think of them as hot rods.


anyone have experience powering a Noir with a Questyle M15? how is that combo?