Did anybody else experience a random number from UK calling them on WhatsApp?

So I have a problem, and it’s driving me crazy… especially because I am an overthinker.

Nobody has my phone number and neither to I give it freely on the internet, the only times that I leave my phone number is when there is a required field on contact forms, or when something is being sent to me.

This happened twice to me, a phone on WhatsApp from UK (+44) called me once, and when I call them when they are online, or send them messages, I don’t get answered.

I’m thinking if it’s a post office service or what, what I did notice is that both phones were recently opened on WhatsApp… and they cannot be tracked back to anybody (from a simple google search).

I can post both phone numbers here… but only if somebody asks me to.

Did this happen to anybody else?

It’s driving me crazy, I cannot confirm in any way as to whom this may be… and it’s so annoying since I didn’t get any email or message saying who it was. Ugh.

I would truly be glad to hear if anybody else experienced a similar thing. Btw I’m not from the UK, and never in my life did anybody contact me from UK.

p.s. the two phone numbers didn’t contact me in the same time period. Once contacted me in April, and the other contacted me today (June 16th)

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