Scammer using YT to trick members/subscribers

Not sure where to put this, but I think it should be brought to the attention of @Resolve @taronlissimore etc.

DMS just posted that video on the expanse and someone is messaging me and other users I’m certain that they won free headphones

Account is TheHeadphoneShow0

Maybe put a notice out there in case anyone is scammed by this, thanks.


@Resolve already posted this to Twitter but you are correct that people should be made aware.

It seems to be a common thing lately on YouTube channels.


This is EXTREMELY common these days. The email spammers have taken over social media now – they copy the genuine profile photo and use a misspelled name. They then promise awards, prizes, request personal info, etc.

Thanks for the heads-up. I guess I’ve got to watch out for my reputation as a social media influencer and global thought leader. How many ways can I mis-spell Curmudgeon? And would generic be any more amusing as Generic?


Yeah, sadly, there isn’t really anything we can do about it outside of being more vigilant and making sure people are aware we will never reach out in that manner.

Yeah unfortunately Youtube does nothing about it. It’s pretty hard to put a heads up in a place where everyone will see it as they also target old videos as well.

Mostly just need to be diligent and remember that businesses are never going to ask you to private message you and get you to telegram them money or your CC details.


Shame these days, but its the way everything is going, lots of scammers, spammers, hackers, and plain dishonest people looking to swindle info or $$ out of people. sad.

I see most reviewers always post a video periodically notifying users this is a scam. I have commented on a lot of the reviews you guys post and this is the first time I got hit. Wouldn’t doubt this isnt the first time.

Unfortunate even if one person gets scammed. Also possibly another way is to note this in the video description, where you post links etc

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Sadly there seen to be a dearth of these individuals waiting to snare the unsuspecting user. They only need a few to bite and they make a tidy sum. As always keep in mind there a lots of scamers out there now. It’s the world we live in these days. So sad…



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Let’s never forget that the root of “curmudgeon” is “cur.”

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