Spamming from site?

Hello Moderators,

I paste below a comment from someone who apparently logged in today after a long time to buy my listing:

“PS: I have no way of doing this but if you could please let the web site know they are being targeted for spam/fishing. As soon as I replied to your post, there is a fishing email claiming that my access to this website and my apple account are suspended until I send them private info to unlock them!!!”

Not sure it is possible that it is coming from the Community or not, but thought you should know.


Thank you I’ll look into it and send the info along!

For now… if anyone gets any suspicious emails like this… remember to not click any links in the email. Also, always safe to just delete and ignore… as usual phishing scams rely on people clicking links inside of the message sent to gain access to your info/computer to then actually try and take over an account.

Please practice safe interneting :wink:


Thank you! Have a great weekend.

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Without being able to see the e-mail that was sent, it would be impossible to determine if it has anything to do with this website. However, we get multiple new users a day signing up with no issues so it may just be that individuals passwords have been compromised in other places.

Generally any site specific spam won’t cover two compromises at once (in this case forum + Apple ID) as your Apple ID has nothing to do with the forum.

If we do see the e-mail though, we can certainly take a look and see if there’s something in here that shouldn’t be!


Understood, thank you for the info. I suspected the same (although I am no cyber security expert) but I get such emails almost daily for Amazon etc. I just wanted to let you know out of an abundance of caution.


It is much appreciated! Better safe than sorry!


Thanks for the info guys. There are some shady characters around. Have a safe and healthy holiday season.

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