Displaying Your headphones

What are you hanging your headphones on when they’re not on your head?

My latest project. Not quite finished but it can hold at least 4 sets. Take a look!


Holy shit, dude. This is awesome. What is the elephant made of?

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Wow, that’s nifty! I have nothing so elegant in the radio shack. There I use Large bulldog clips clamped to shelves, Necessity being the Mother of Invention!

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Well, I think I am going to name him Lowe’s, because 95% of him came from there. The only thing that didn’t was the material and it was on sale for $7 a yard. I did use the whole yard too. He came out a little bigger than what I had in my head, but I have several requests for other ones and I did make patterns so the the next ones should only get easier.

Larry Thompson

Most of it I bought at Lowe’s, all but the fabric. This is my second one, the first was claimed by my sister. It was 1/4 the size. This one is bigger than what I had a vision in my head of, but he is cool. Just finishing up the details around the trunk. It’s one of those things you look at and can’t stop messing with. You always think you can make it look a little better

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That is amazing!

That is fantastic!! Thanks so much for sharing it.

Most creative display I have seen so far! Fantastic!

Thank you for sharing with us.

Working on my next creation, a Octopus. Still experimenting on making the tentacles . I’ve settled on bending PVC by heating sand and filling the pipes with it to make it workable. If anyone is interested in making any of my projects, I will be providing detailed instructions and material list if enough interest is shown.


I’m real cheap when it comes to things like this, so I just use yoga blocks. Amazon, two for $10.

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Simple, but functional. Buy 2 more and you have the same amount I spent on my display.