DSP, EQ and other Plug-Ins

Yes, it is for the price, for me, it was easier to justify when you use for studio work.


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Yeah that’s how I’ve tested the Audeze Reveal plugin, because APO supports VSTs indeed

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Too bad not all VSTs work in APO. They load but are just placebo – doing nothing. E.g.: SPAN is my favorite FR meter:

Hopefully I’m missing something obvious. I was able to use a few Delay/Reverb plugins, but none of my EQs. :weary:

Oh it’s definitely not perfect. None of the advanced personalized HRTF features in the newest Reveal+ that I was given a trial for work in APO either, but apparently are perfect in DAWs. So yeah… unfortunately a bit hit and miss. 99 percent of the time I’m running my own EQ via Peace anyway instead of a VST

For me, the question is does it improve the LCD-4. I have been chasing the perfect tone on these class of headphones by finding the right AMP.

I am not sure if this one has been posted in this thread or not (I haven’t seen it but I may have missed it).

I have recently been using lkjb_QRange as a VST plug in Foobar. It also works pretty decently in other DAW’s.

I like it for Foobar as it gives me an easily bypassable ParaEQ in Foobar while using WASAPI exclusive so I don’t need to change the output options and open Peace.


Looks like an interesting ParaEQ

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Definitely. But I always use my own EQ for Audeze products, except LCD 1 which sounds basically perfect with its Reveal preset. LCD 4 is pretty much the very best thing I’ve heard at home so far. I have not tried equalizing a 007mk2.9, 1266 TC, HE-1, Shang-ri La, or Susvara yet here, to be exact.


Uhh… Why haven’t you EQ’d the HE1 or Shangri-La yet? I thought all of us had those dialed in already.

You’re slacking bro!


The Shangri-La is just for use at the gym so it doesn’t really need EQ.


Send me yours lol


You look a lot younger on YouTube :wink:

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Respectfully, this isn’t about me.


A while back, I wound up picking up the Plugin-Alliance annual Mega-Bundle subscription ($249/year … but you wind up getting a voucher that lets you buy perpetual licenses worth $249 anyway, so it’s effectively free … at least if you were going to buy that value’s worth of plugins anyway).

While I usually use this stuff in recording/mixing/mastering/production capacities, the fact I have it means it’s also nice to piddle about with for random listening experiments.

Today’s trio were all SPL components (a couple of which I’ve mentioned before):

IRON is probably the most interesting (and certainly the most audible in its effects). If you’ve never played around with a compressor or leveler, they can be very interesting. Most are simpler than IRON, and also use a different setting (due to operational differences) … namely a “ratio” setting vs. the “threshold” on the SPL piece.

IRON, and tools like it (there are many, both software and hardware*), will give you interesting insight to what’s possible just with dynamic range compression (and how it sounds in practice, with the ability to properly A/B it).

Lots of fun …

Especially when followed by some gentle Twin-Tube processing:

And using HawkEye to visualize the effects of the changes being made:

*The hardware version of IRON is an awesome piece - I might need another before I shut down my studio permanently - though the software version is MUCH cheaper. And you don’t have to spend in the “SPL category” to get a fun piece with some similar, if less comprehensive, functionality. Also, these are professional tools - so it’s a good idea to understand the implications of input and output signal levels if using them with consumer gear.


@metal571 - What were you eq settings for the Focal Elex? I know you had posted them on your youtube channel somewhere, but can’t seem to find them. Would be greatly appreciated!

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Anybody out there using Roon DSP engine or HQPlayer?

I am limited to what I can use as I am using Linux.


I will selectively use the Roon DSP features (mostly EQ and crossfeed) when I want EQ or an using a chain that has no native crossfeed capability for some material/mood/gear combinations.

It’s provably transparent beyond the changes you deliberately apply (e.g. enabling PEQ, but not applying a curve, remains bit-perfect end-to-end).

As for HQPlayer … I don’t use it with Roon (no audible benefit vs. native RAAT, unless down to the HQP/DAC interaction).

In fact, I generally don’t use it for listening, either. I have it for various experiments. And in that context I do find audible changes with some gear and settings, most notably true NOS DACs (the Holo Audio ones being the most obviously affected). Though not necessarily more or less so than, say, other OS/filtering solutions, nor necessarily more or less preferable.

The extra software, cost, need for (much) more powerful hardware, and the fact that “different” doesn’t necessarily mean “better” or “preferable” means that it has become something I use when evaluating DACs rather than something that has become part of my listening chain.


Interesting information. Thanks @Torq

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While waiting for a raft of new purchases to download … and in the midst of an otherwise slow day … I fired Waves NX up again, with their Headtracker …

If you’re never played with proper room-simulation/spatialization/directional audio (not talking about the half-assed shit in FPS games), this is worth a go (you can get a free trial an do head tracking via a web-cam/laptop camera if you don’t have an actual head-tracker device).