iPhone Audio Player with EQ and Headphone Profiles?


I used to use Dirac on my iPhone, it astounds me how Apple could not use something like this to make their stock earbuds sound so much better (but then they did buy Beats…)

After that I found Accudio which still runs on iOS 11 (although you can no longer get it on the app store and it appears that the servers that I used to be able to load custom profiles from is no longer up). This had profiles for a bunch of different headphones - e.g. sound tailored specifically to my Sony MDR-V6s, and the had tons of other models too.

Now that Dirac is dead and Accudio only sort of works I was wondering if anybody has found a better player or utility for iPhone? There is an Equalizer app I’m going to take for a test spin.


I know SonarWorks are supposed to be coming out with a version of True-Fi for iPhone and Android (I know people that have participated in the beta program). It’s very effective on the desktop, so hopefully it’ll be similarly so, with an appropriate array of mobile-relevant headphone profiles, when it is formally released.

With Apple’s latest Lightning and Bluetooth connected Ear/Airpods, the built-in DAC/processing applies EQ/DSP to deliver a better-than-simple-analog result. At least compared to their pure-analog versions run off the Apple 3.5mm dongle, or third-party DAC/amps.


Thanks, I’ll keep an eye out for True-Fi. Now if I could only figure out why the files on my phone sound worse than the source on my Mac :tired_face:


I would jump on it if it came out on Android.



I use the Equalizer app on my iPhone and while I don’t really like the UI, the parametric EQ does its job.

On Android, you can already buy Toneboosters Morphit as an add-on to USB Audio Player Pro (bought directly within the app, not from Play Store). In addition to providing a correction to a reference curve, Morphit also allows you to simulate the frequency response of other headphones, which is kind of fun.


Thanks for the heads up @pwjazz. I will look into that it sounds like a good option.



It’s also quite cheap. USB Audio Player Pro is about $10 and the Morphit plugin is another $5 or something like that, and UAPP is a pretty nice audio player to boot


Thanks I think I may buy it but I will read up on it first. Thanks Percy.



No sweat. You can always try the desktop version of Morphit for free. It’s included with their plugin suite. If you’re on a Mac and need a plugin host, you can run them using menuBus.

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Not on Mac sadly. I have a windows laptop. But to be honest do most of my forum browsing on my iPhone 6. For music I use my Dap. Or for laidback stuff just my iPod touch for when I don’t particularly bother about the best possible sound. Though to be honest I quite like the IPod touch just for messing it’s so easy to use. That’s one thing Apple are masters at. Ease of use.:grinning:.



I picked it up…I’ll play around with it…I’m on the Google rewards survey program thing…so I have a bunch of reward credit for just this situation lol


So, now that I’m using Neutron on Android, I realized that Neutron exists on iOS as well. The UI is pretty much identical, and it has extensive parametric EQ abilities too. Very cool!


Oh I wasn’t aware of that. Although I primarily wanted it to use on my Android Dap. I also have an iPhone 6 and the latest iPod touch. I have the full Android product but I suppose they wouldn’t carry the license across to iOS. They’d want more money I suppose. How you finding it?



They do want more money. I’m liking it. As I said, the UI is extremely familiar coming from Android. The big difference is that like most iOS music players, it integrates with the Apple Music library so it automatically has access to all the music that I’ve synced from iTunes. I’m using my iPhone SE to drive my HD598CS, for which I just created an EQ profile, and I’m enjoying it so far. As always, EQ makes a huge difference. The stock HD598CS has some major dips at 300 Hz, 3 KHz and 6 KHz that make it sound quite artificial, but with EQ through Neutron it sounds very nice.


Yes I like neutron very much. There’s plenty of depth to it and it’s very comprehensive. I think it’s good value to be honest. I especially like the parametric Eq. I keep fiddling away with it. I think through trial and error I will eventually learn. :man_student:t2:



So this is kind of exciting… Neutron on iPhone can apparently output to Chromecast. I haven’t tested it yet, but I think it applies its DSP and EQ settings to the casted audio. This means that I could theoretically use your iPhone to drive some IEMs while on the go and then use it to feed a stationary listening station via Chromecast while at home.

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I respect all the opinions and reviews here. One of the MAIN reasons I listen to music(mostly classical,jazz) is that I listen to NEW recordings especially off Itunes.Listening through headphones gives me that extra amount of attention to music that I REALLY REALLY want to pay attention to. I hook up my Sennheiser HD600 to an Headroom Airbit to the iphone. I listen to “new” music and I think it sounds just fine to me. If I want to blast Beethoven or Mahler,I will listen to my main stereo and SACD multichannel system.

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I really hope that you can get this working for yourself. Squeezeing every bit of value out of your purchase.:grin:



I use Spotify more than iTunes now but they all basically do a great job. Streaming/downloading music to listen offline, opened up a whole new world of music to me. Infact for myself it’s one thing out of all my gadgets and software that I couldn’t do without. Well the internet too and… But you know what I mean. To have all the music in the world at my fingertips so to speak still blows my mind.



OMG I LOVE IT!! The only weirdness was that 64 bit was not on by default, it sounded terrible until I flipped the switch. So nice to bump up the bass just a bit on my Sony MRD-V6!