Dunu Mirai In-Ear Monitor Headphones - Official Discussion Thread

We gave a sneak peak at Mirai during CanJam Socal this year and now, Mirai is finally live and brought to life!

Pre-Order the Dunu Mirai Now

The Mirai is something we at Headphones.com, Precogvision and Dunu have been hard at work for the last two and half years to deliver an IEM experience that we feel is truly different from others. irai is intended to encapsulate the type of sound that the market might be more open to in the future—except you get to hear it now.

While many IEMs strive for neutral benchmarking, the Mirai intentionally ventures into more colored waters. Despite these deliberate frequency alterations, it doesn’t compromise on tuning fundamentals, resulting in a sound that’s both musical and tastefully executed.


The Mirai is infused with the high standards of Precogvision, leverages the strengths of both DUNU and Headphones.com. While DUNU brings its rich history and technical prowess, Headphones.com offers its community-driven focus, product design insights, and industry knowledge. The result? An IEM that both parties are proud to present to audiophiles.

The Mirai comes with a custom, white Dunu DUW02S cable (not featured in our lifestyle photography as it wasn’t complete yet but you can see it below) and has ear tips carefully sampled and selected by Precogvision to give you the best out of the box experience with Mirai as possible

white duw02s.jpg

The Dunu Mirai is our first product collaboration from top to bottom and we’re incredibly proud of what we were able to achieive.

The Mirai is expected to start shipping in early December in limited quantities. Price is $1099 USD.

To learn more about the Mirai and pre-order, click the link below!

Learn More about the Dunu Mirai and Pre-Order


@Resolve interviews @Precogvision in this video on the background of the Mirai, how it came to be and the collaboration process between Precog, Dunu and Headphones.com. If you’re looking to learn more about the Mirai and the thought process behind it, this is the video to check out.