DUNU SA6 - Official Thread

DUNU sockets on the SA6 are definetly a bit on the tighter side. Squeeze with caution.

I bought the SA6 a few weeks ago and am really enjoying them. This is my first foray into the world of IEMs. I was nervous about taking the plunge given the bewildering array of products out there. @Resolve 's review and this community helped me settle on the Dunu SA6 so thanks to all!

My use case is twofold:

For use at work with a topping E50/L50. No issues here.

I also use them for walking about when I want to listen to music. I have a Dragonfly attached to my iPhone via the Apple 3.5mm dongle.

Here’s my question: can I safely carry my Dragonfly and dongle inside the Dunu case? Everything seems to fit but I’m worried that it will put too much strain on the IEM and I certainly don’t want to damage them. Do others put their portable DAC in the provided Dunu case and if so any issues?


Congratulations. You made a great choice.

Yes, I put our Go Blu in the case with IEMs and everything has been totally fine, so I expect no issues for you with the Dragonfly and SA6 combo.


@SebastienChiu, thanks for your response. Much appreciated!

I’ve had my personal pair of these now for just shy of 2 months. Not too surprising that some are having issues with the cable weight. I may try that Tripowin myself.

One thing I’m finding is that the sound quality can be quite affected by the tips here. Typically I throw my CP145s on just about every IEM on which they fit, but the SA6 reacts much more positively to the stock tips. My conclusion is that a shorter tip is preferable rather than the relatively long SpinFits, at least to my ears. Mainly I notice better air and less of the small 5k bump these have with a shorter silicone option.

Fit and cable aside, boy are the detail these dish out addictive though. I am very lazy nowadays and use TWS at home often, but I put these on last night and a few hours just totally disappeared, lost in the music. Damn I love these and can’t wait to see what Dunu does next with BAs.


Congratulations! Glad you love them so much. They really do break the mold of thought against traditional BA IEMs.

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They are fabulous. BTW I found that there is a SpinFit tip with similar dimensions to the stock tip (measured them with my 10 inch high accuracy ruler for setting up my electric guitars). The CP360 tip, originally designed for TWS usage, almost perfectly matches the shape of the stock tips but can grip in my ears a bit better. I’ll have to try the Sednas discussed earlier eventually also.


Special thanks to you for mentioning the Zonie now too. Just got mine and WOW what a wonderful transformation it is to have a lightweight cable option.


Glad to hear it’s working for you!


Thanks for the update!

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Love my SA6’s sound. Two sets of tips I found from extensive tip-rowing that work best are the Sedna Earfit short and (surprising) Moondrop Spring tips. The Sedna tips allows for fast and clean bass and midrange transient, and tames some of the treble peaks. The sound is a bit analytical and dry, but with the most technicality. The spring tips allows for the smoothest and most well-extended treble response, without sounding bright. The overall sound is easy going and ethereal. Bass perhaps is a little bit soft in dynamics but the smoothness is so additive.
The only annoying thing I have with the SA6 is that one of the 2-pin connector is a bit loose and I’ve had my earphone detached from the cable just from taking off the earphone from my ear (echoing the experience that @czuba shared earlier). Now I have to check for the connection every time I take off that side in fear of dropping the earphone. Anyone having the same issue? I heard it is a common issue with .78 mm connectors and people have suggested solutions such as pinching the 2 pins to be closer/further away to enhance the grip.


The connector is a tad loose on my right earpiece. Sometimes the cable will get disconnected when I’m inserting it. I do have fit issues however so I need to fidget with it more than your typical user would, which could be part of the problem. Personally, I’d consider it to be a minor annoyance rather than a problem tho…

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Like you and a handful of others in this thread, I also had fit issues with the SA6. Long story short, it was the cable - it was too heavy and had aggressive earhook bends and pulled the earphones out of my ears. Try a different cable and see if that resolves things for you.

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For me, it’s not so much the cable - although I do plan on getting a lighter more flexible one eventually. Using the large stock tips I can get a good solid seal, just with my right ear, I need to fiddle with it to get it perfect. Dunno if it’s the size or shape of that ear canal, but my left ear is easy to fit

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Are you still under warranty? We’re happy to take a look if you think it’s necessary.

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