Ears vs the Reviews


I did a review of mine that you can find here:

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Thanks for the link. I have read all that. Very interesting read. That is what pushed me over to Head-Fi to do more research.


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See, @DarthPool you scared him off after reading your review. :grin:.



Ha, fair enough, I tend to be less technical in my reviews… more lifestyle review? I don’t know I think others have more knowledge and capability to do the technical reviews. =)

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Hey, I was just kidding you do great reviews. I was just being a bit lighthearted. :grin:.

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oh no worries I picked that up, I don’t offend easy anyhow :wink:

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I enjoyed your review! As I mentioned in my diatribe, the only thing I would like to see more of, in all reviews, is for the reviewer to state what they use at home regularly and what music they listen to.

If a reviewer shares my taste in gear and especially my taste in music, the review would feel more relevant to me.



I have a Spotify playlist that I update specifically for this forum… It is in a couple of the forum posts and I think some of my reviews…but I can post it if you like.

My gear is listed under my profile, it should be more or less updated.

I fully agree, you should always seek similarly minded audio types when researching for new headphones.


MAN, you have a ton of gear. We have nothing in common, but you have several items that I would love to have.



We have a lot in common :wink: we both are here chatting about headphones, and I’m positive we probably like some of the same songs.

Just, varying levels of gear.

Cheers mate!


I just meant nothing in common with regards to pieces of gear.:grin:

Shane D


:grin: I do have the Meze 99s Massdrop edition on order.

It will be fun comparing those to the Fostex X-00 and CA Cascade.

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I will be VERY interested to read your feedback. Particularly as it compares to the Cascade.



Ears Vs Reviews? Well, ears have to win every time! However…

I live in a place where there are no audio stores anywhere near me, and the few that are within less than 45 mins by car all carry the same stuff, 99 pairs of Bluetooth headphones/earphones and a pair of Sony over ears :smiley:

Now, the problem I have is that I am very new to the (decent) headphone world with very little test drives under my belt. That means that I struggle with getting a good idea from reviews as I have tried basically nothing of what the reviewer has.

For amps and DACs I have absolutely no issues basing purchases on reviews. Just tell me whether it is quality made and show me a graph and I am happy.

With headphones it’s not that easy…

As I have said before, I have been working in audio for many years and have had chance to try lots of speakers over this time (all live stage or studio related, not audiophile) and I have had chance to get to know what I like. However, even with that experience, I still can’t base my choice solely on a graph as a speaker sounds different in every single location, so I need to be able to see what I am able to do with that speaker (using EQ). And still, my opinions will be different to each and every person at the side of me, that is why their is only one tech behind the mixing desk :wink:

A set of headphones is a different story as they should sound the same no matter who’s head they are on… but again, they sound completely different to different people.

The day I find somebody who does reviews and likes the same music I do, hears the music in the same way and has the same opinions on sound as me, it will be because I have started doing my own reviews :smiley:

In the mean time, I will have to continue to buy blindly on the internet based on what some unknown person from the other side of the world recommends.

(BTW, following this rule in the instrument world I have ended up with around 15 bass guitars that I love, so the system must work to some extent!!!)


I have a suggestion, which may or may not work for you. Try or buy a baseline. By this I mean one or two headphones that have many many reviews and that are generally thought of as good. You can listen to what you think, and you will have a bunch of reviewers to check.

I suggest the Sennheiser HD-580 or HD-650, both widely available used, or in the US, on Massdrop as the 58x ($149) or the 6xx ($199). Neither is crazy expensive.

Then select some other, rather different, but still popular headphone. And/or some of the better Ultra-Cheap IEMs. I ordered the KZ ZSN’s for $17 on Ali Express. And we’ve had some reviews of them here that I think are pretty accurate.

I’ll let some other good soul here suggest the 2nd baseline headphone.
I’m also willing to be told that my suggestion is full of crap, because … well… the sad state of the cosmos.


Find local stores. Support local businesses. I tried a pile of stuff at an audiophile outlet and it revealed many important things (e.g., you don’t get much for your money beyond $1,000).

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I have the HD6xx incoming. I should have had it already but my trip to Miami was postponed so I am waiting for a collegue who flies across at the end of the month.

Although I am limited to closed back headphones (which seems to be harder to choose), I am seriously contemplating picking up also the DT1990 which along with the HD6XX should give me two common (but different) denominators to base opinions on.

But I really can’t complain about anything I have purchased so far this year since I fell down the rabbit hole in January. So far I have bought this year based on reviews and research:

  • Topping NX4 DSD (great for portable use and for use with Android devices)
  • SMSL SU-8 (balanced DAC that I am very happy with)
  • Loxjie P20 (no need to comment!)
  • JDS Labs Atom (great little amp)
  • Topping D10 (I just got this last week as I wanted an Optical out for my PC, so far so good)
  • Topping MX3 (got this mainly for the speakers above my bed, but I use it for headphones in bed also, not bad)
  • Behringer Custom Studio Pro (decent closed back headphone, my favourite I’ve tried so far)
  • KZ ATE (I may have actually got this last year, I am not sure)
  • KZ ED16 (I am on a “one cheap IEM per month” run, these aren’t the best but are not bad at all)
  • Tin Audio T2 (My favourite IEM so far, contemplating the T3 next…)
  • Sennheiser HD6XX (awaiting their arrival)
  • Audio Technica MSR7b (awaiting their arrival)

As you can see, I haven’t spent a fortune but I have picked up quite a bit of stuff so far this year!

The problem (as I just mentioned on another thread) is that my list of “wants” is growing even quicker!!


That would definitely make my life easier, although maybe not cheaper :smiley:

The problem is that the nearest store that stocks anything related with the audio world (except for the usual BT headphones etc.) is over 400km away.

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Note that the DT1990s (goose stuff) are not closed-back. For a budget, don’t forget the Sony MDR-7506. Dead accurate, though that makes them less desirable to some. They are very good.

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Yes, I know that the DT1990 are open back, but closed backs are not very common on mainstream reviewers. I am also beginning to think that they would come in very handy for recording purposes.

Regarding the MDR-7506, I alread have the Sony MDR-V6 which is basically an older version of them. They were my first “studio” headphones and they are still going strong many years later (I keep them at the studio space I share)

BTW, what is “goose stuff”?