Empire Ears Odin - Official Thread

Hello All,

Has anyone tried the Eletech Iliad cables with the Odin? I am very curious.



Eletech makes great stuff. You won’t be disappointed no matter what route you choose.


Anyone do a head to head comparison between Odin and A8000? I heard the A8000 and the bass is very deep and quick, high end sparkle excellent and sound stage very wide and deep. I wonder which of these has the best open sound stage??

A8000 is definitely the brighter of the two if I recall from memory. It’s been about 2 years since I last heard the A8000 so take that how you will. The Odin tends to be my favourite all rounder and its the closest thing I’d compare to a Focal Utopia in terms of being a great all rounder but master of none.

Bass is little more rumbly on the Odin, soundstage is wide as well but I don’t have vivid memories of the A8000 soundstage being memorable or disappointing.

I think @Precogvision has heard the A8000. I know @Resolve has heard both so he may have some feedback between the two.


Great Review! I am still going back and forth, deciding on Empire Ears Odin and the Astell kern & Empire Ears Odessy. The Odessy has Bone Conduction driver. Which to me has influenced my choice. Who doesn’t want sub sonic Bass! Empire Ears really has engineering that is far beyond the competition.


In the push to get things ready for CanJam SoCal next week, I discovered that we actually had an Odin lying around the office for quite some time. So of course, I had to break it out of its case as soon as possible and get some listening time on it before it’s in the ears of the masses next week.

It’s been about a year since I last heard the Odin and listening to it yesterday made me remember why the Odin is still at the top of my IEM list to this day. The tuning is near perfect to my ears and from a detail standpoint, it definitely stands near the top for me (still have to hear Storm).

My single complaint as the low-end doesn’t have quite as much impact as other offerings but the rest of the tuning is so aligned with my preferences that I can get around that with something like the iFi Audio GO Blu and xBASS.

The other thing I did not realize about the Odin since it’s been so long is just how comfortable they are when they are in your ear. You barely notice they are there. I’ve been dabbling with a ton of new IEM releases from Moondrop, Thieaudio and even Empire Ears themselves and one of the trends has been bigger shell sizes and bigger nozzle girth. I was using the Monarch MKII and felt like I needed to do 15 minutes of ear hole stretching before actually getting them in. With the Odin, none of that is necessary.

With its gorgeous faceplate, near perfect tuning (to my ears) and excellent comfort, the Odin still stands tall as one of my favourites and I am kicking myself that this unit has been sitting for as long as it has in the office without getting any ear time!


These are seriously on my list in the near future. I was waiting to hear more about the raven but I don’t know if they’re for me.
I really like the utopia 22 and these seem like they’re kinda close for an iem (I understand they’re not identical).


Odin remains my favorite IEM to date.

A hair more low-end level, with the same control, might be nice … but the other EE models either that a bit too far, or are just uncontrolled in the extreme low-end (Legend comes to mind, though I understand the Evo version is better controlled).

Subtonic’s Storm is intriguing … but … BA-bass drivers (even if they call them something different) has me VERY skeptical. Gotten too used to well-done DD bass.

And, yes, comfort with these is great … I think only the IE600 are more comfortable … and those are so tiny I can literally sleep in them and forget they are there.


That’s pretty much my equivalent for the Odin. When you get into the flagship / high-end territory, headphones tend to have a more esoteric tuning and nail one thing really well. The Utopia I look at as a bit of a jack of all trades and that’s what I compare the Odin to as well. It doesn’t have that one thing that’s absolutely spectacular, it just a lot of things that are well done. And I understand that for some people, that just doesn’t float their boat.

Even the EVO’s bass is fairly overwhelming for long listening. I am a self-proclaimed bass lover and I never thought it would be possible but the Legend X and EVO do give me bass fatigue. The Raven is a better version of those in my mind but after continued listening, it’s not the successor to the Odin I was looking for as the rest of the tuning doesn’t quite line up the same.

I’ve got my fingers crossed that I’ll have the opportunity to try them next week in SoCal. I know a number of guests who are attending that own them and I told @tamtrum I would sign his Resolve mug if he let me listen.

I’ve yet to listen to the IE600! They were sold out for so long at launch that I just kind of gave up on trying to listen to them after stock became more readily available. I should probably change that and listen to the whole new IE line-up!


DD bass is something special for me! I have Empire Ears Odin and Unique Melody mest mkii, i recently purchased UM Indigo. The DD implementation with Bone Conduction really adds a special sound to the music. The bass is precise, and you feel it more, with DD and BC.The EE Odin with its gorgeous face plate and PW Audio Stormbreaker cable make it a one of my favorites.