Empire Ears Odin - Official Thread

Hello All,

Has anyone tried the Eletech Iliad cables with the Odin? I am very curious.



Eletech makes great stuff. You won’t be disappointed no matter what route you choose.


Anyone do a head to head comparison between Odin and A8000? I heard the A8000 and the bass is very deep and quick, high end sparkle excellent and sound stage very wide and deep. I wonder which of these has the best open sound stage??

A8000 is definitely the brighter of the two if I recall from memory. It’s been about 2 years since I last heard the A8000 so take that how you will. The Odin tends to be my favourite all rounder and its the closest thing I’d compare to a Focal Utopia in terms of being a great all rounder but master of none.

Bass is little more rumbly on the Odin, soundstage is wide as well but I don’t have vivid memories of the A8000 soundstage being memorable or disappointing.

I think @Precogvision has heard the A8000. I know @Resolve has heard both so he may have some feedback between the two.


Great Review! I am still going back and forth, deciding on Empire Ears Odin and the Astell kern & Empire Ears Odessy. The Odessy has Bone Conduction driver. Which to me has influenced my choice. Who doesn’t want sub sonic Bass! Empire Ears really has engineering that is far beyond the competition.