Appreciation (Thank You) Thread for

I wanted to make an Appreciation (Thank You) Thread for and the people behind the website and this Fourm.

Let us let Taron @taronlissimore and Andrew @andrew know how much we appreciate what they do for this community!

Let us also give thanks to Ian @Torq and Andrew @Resolve for the great reviews they continue to provide this community with.

This is the space to say Thank You! And let Them know that what they do is appreciated!

Have a great experience with Post comments here and let Andrew and Taron know.

This is also my personal Thank You! To both Taron and Andrew, for such great customer service for my past (and future) purchases!

Thank You



First off thank you for everyone who ‘liked’ this thread, as it’s purpose is to Thank Taron @taronlissimore and Andrew @andrew ( for all of the great things they do for this community.

Second, I wanted to thank Taron and Andrew again for great customer support! As I am really enjoying my first three purchases from them(and there will be more). I purchased the Chord Mojo, the Focal Elegia and the Hifiman Ananda. Once I get a chance I will post reviews of each, both here on the forum and on


This forum is awesome, and I love the layout and design. I just made it to the Member level, and I am quite impressed with that tutorial from Discobot, on how to do extra stuff. Just a really cool place, and I am happy to contribute and be a part of this awesome community.



I have definitely expressed my appreciation for both @taronlissimore and @andrew and will continue to! This forum and all of the members is something I look forward to everyday. is my favorite place to shop for audio gear!! One of the ways I continue to show my Support is by inviting many of my friends to this forum and or sending links to to them. Honestly I have done a ton of online shopping as my profession and location somewhat requires it. I have never in my life had a better online shopping experience than I have every time I shop with Taron. The experience is always fun, easy to discuss and ask questions, and the communication throughout the entire sales process from start to finish is exceptional. I have a hard time getting that kind of service in person let alone online. There is a reason why I tell every person I know who enjoys music, headphones and audio about and Taron and Andrew as I know they will take great care of my friends and family who decide to shop with them! To me that is the greatest way you can show appreciation for a business and two great guys!

To think I may have not ever known about them if it wasn’t for a few google searches and product reviews, then again from another site talking about them!

I am so glad I found my way to this forum with you all!

Also a huge shout out to @Torq @DarthPool @antdroid @Resolve and all the founding members, core team, contributors, who curate, and keep this community on track!