Final Audio Design Sonorous VI (Formerly the Pandora Hope VI) - Official Thread

This is the official thread for discussing the Final Audio Design Sonorous VI.

I’ve always been super interested in these. I’ve been looking for a closed headphone in this range but the other options I’ve had in this range (T70, Z7, X00, Teak, D7200, Alpha Dog, etc) have all missed the mark for me one way or another. The ZMF Blackwood is the closest I’ve been to happy with a closed headphone in this price range and I wonder how these compare. The design and interesting BA have always intrigued me.

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We have them in the office right now and @andrew got to spend a bit more time with them than I did. Unfortunately, we are currently waiting for a replacement cable for them as the jack got bent during an unfortunate airplane incident.

From what I remember, they sounded different than most over-ears I have heard. They were also super sensitive at 105db/mw with 8 ohms impedance and I did not check that in advance. Almost blew out an ear drum on first use with the Naim DAC-V1. It had an emphasized low-end and a very wide soundstage. Vocal clarity was pretty good for the most part but there were some weird moments in the highs that would take me out of the song for a bit. It may have been due to some poorly mastered tracks that I was listening to but there was something that was off. On the bright side (or not so bright side) was that they weren’t sibilant or fatiguing in the slightest. When we get the new cable in I will be able to give some more in-depth impressions.

Fit-wise, they fit very loose unless you have a gigantic head. I know there were some issues with the previous iteration, the Pandora Hope VI, where the pads were too shallow which has been fixed with the Sonorous VI. They are also super flashy and prone to scratching which definitely isn’t for everyone.

Are there any good amp dac pairings that you found when using this?

It was a long weekend in Canada so I went “camping” in Alberta over the long weekend for a wedding as well as visiting Jasper National Park.

I brought the Sonorous VI with me for the trip and well it does have its quirks (pads are pretty shallow, isolation isn’t great, fit issues if the sliders don’t work for you) but sound-wise, they still sound fantastic as I remember.

I still prefer the Elegia over it based on sound and comfort but it’s still a great headphone that really doesn’t get any attention.