Find the rechargeable battery

What model are you having issues with?: Cowin SE7 ANC

Describe your issue with the most detail you can: It seems to have stopped charging and I want to replace the rechargeable battery. I’m well-equipped to do that. I just can’t FIND IT!
I took apart the Right earphone and found nothing inside - not under the circuit board - nowhere.
At that point, I decided to research it a bit more and haven’t found a thing.
So, here I am!

How long ago was it purchased?: March 2019. Rechargeable batteries are expected to last longer, arent’ they? But, since I can replace one, I figure that I will.

Now, if a Cowin is too low-level a device for this community then please accept my apologies for the intrusion. And, if so, where else might I go?

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Hey Fred,

Have you tried reaching out to Cowin themselves for an answer on the battery?

They may be able to direct you to the correct place to grab a battery for your headphones.

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I’m not yet trying to buy a battery. I’m trying to find the existing battery so I can identify it and remove it in prep for replacing it.
Cowin has so far answered no correspondence…

Thanks for the reply!

Sorry to hear that! I know most manufacturers right now are under-staffed and overworked so it may just be a matter of them being behind on customer service.

I personally don’t have any experience with Cowin’s service during COVID or outside of COVID so I don’t know what the norm is for them. If you purchased the Cowin through Amazon though I would recommend reaching out to them on Amazon as vendors on Amazon have to respond to all customer messages within a 24 hour time period due to their agreement with Amazon.

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I discovered that the Amazon interface most likely to be found and used for COWIN, doesn’t work. Nobody answers.
However, Amazon gave me a URL that worked great for messaging.
Within a couple of hours, COWIN offered to send a new unit.
Now I can take the other one completely apart (if necessary) to find the battery.

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