Headphone repair

Any suggestions for headphone repair?

I have quad era 1 planars that’s only playing in one side intermittently through my Sony walkman.

They are out of warranty.

Where are you located? That info might help people offer some recommendations.

Have you considered reaching out to Quad even though they’re out of warranty? They might offer to do it for a fee, and if you need a replacement driver, they might be able to offer you a deal (whereas a third party repair person might not be able to fix a broken driver). You could ask for a repair quote.

Quad used to have excellent customer service. My dad had some of their old amps and speakers and they were great about repairs and refurbishments - this was from within the UK, though, and a couple of decades ago…

I’m sorry you’re dealing with this.

Sorry I kind of assumed I would have to do it online. I’m in Chicago.

I contacted mofi. Their only distributor here in the u.s. so hopefully that helps.