Focal Clear $500 off -

The original Focal Clear is being discontinued. is offering a nice discount. Great headphones for all around listening.


Damn, that’s a fantastic deal considering Resolve’s latest review. Maybe I should pick up a pair so I’ll have a pair of cheap replacement pads. :joy:


They are great headphones. Price is very fair for a new pair. It’s a final sale deal, so the primo 365 return policy doesn’t apply, but at that price, you’re not taking as big a hit as it was a retail sale.

Why they used that light grey is beyond me. I have a headphone headband strap cover on mine to keep the hair oil off the strap.


This is a great deal.

A quick bit of perspective for those considering a purchase: the original Clear came out in late 2017, which means that you can now pick up a pair of excellent, highly acclaimed headphones for 2/3 of their MSRP, after just 3 1/2 years on the market, thanks to Focal’s decision to have a fairly short product life for its premium headphones.

(It’s worth noting that the Elear, Elegia, and OG Clear have all been discontinued; only the Utopia remains from its initial lineup).


Do the Clears feel the same as other Focals on your head? I’ve been thinking about getting a nice pair of open headphones and these would do nicely.

I’ve demoed the Utopia, Elear, Stellia, and Elegia, and the Clear feel no different on the head.


I own Clears and Elegia. They look and fit similarly. Clamp pressure is more severe on the Elegias. I find the Clears to be comfortable. The Elegias are not as comfortable to me as a result of that clamp pressure.


@Tchoupitoulas Stellia too correct?

Yes, it felt the same when I was wearing it. Maybe a bit lighter? It was 13 months ago and only for 20 minutes, though…

I should add that I’m someone who never has a problem with headphone comfort so I can’t claim to be too discerning here.

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Ah, OK, I’m going to pass. I have Elegias and Stellias, and I want something open but that feel different on my head than those headphones, just to be able to change things up.

I just ordered them after reading Torq’s review. I think they might sound really good out of my dark HSA-1b amp. Still trying to possibly narrow down to one amp desk set up…

And this price is about what they sell for used on eBay, FYI. Looks like a good deal.

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I would be little concerned that this will be the new price for old clears. Much like the Elegias, which originally had a much higher msrp, but now you can’t get much more than $400 for them used.


Don’t buy them with resale in mind. The depreciate like a new car.

Haha I always buy with resale in mind. Guess that’s why I rarely buy new.

I was more noting the price in relation to prevailing used to point out the value in getting new from a reputable dealer for the same. If I understand correctly, these will be the last made so there will not be a mass market dump of the “old” ones to further depreciate them, although that will inevitably be done over time by the new ones. Either way, I buy them to use them and whatever I get when I sell them is what it is and I consider it rent paid. I’m getting these because Torq’s review made them sound like my style and at 1/3rd off, I’m in!


Oh yes please do. I think that they are well liked by many people (I’d love to hear them myself). I just meant to say that the eBay (and all used prices) will, likely, drop too. So one can’t look at the used price today relative to the sale price, imo, because that’s what the new base price is going to become.

However, if 1K is good value for you for an amazing pair of headphones, I’m not trying to rain on your parade. I think they’re likely worth every penny.


I finally sold my Elex for ~$600, and its new cost was and is $700. Stimulus check effect?

Overall, Focal tends to hold value fairly well and they don’t have the poor reliability reputation of some brands. There’s a chance the OG Clear will become a niche high demand item, such as among professional music producers who insist on it. Or not. Discontinued but desirable models can have stable and strong values relative to things that stay in production for longer (e.g., Toyota MR2, Honda S2000, etc.).

It seems broken supply chains (poor inventory) and stimulus checks helped the used market, as I recently sold 3 things on Ebay for more than I paid new. Sub $1,000 for a new Clear is a really good price in the current market.


I totally agree that the majority of current line Focal headphones retain their value well. The Elex is a Drop collaboration and, therefore, it is highly unlikely that it will go on sale. So it will retain its resale value.

I’m basing my hypothesis that the used market will drop on the Clear on what happened to the other discontinued product, the Elegia. The Elegia, shortly after it was discontinued, hit significantly lower retail and resale prices.

Is $1000 a great price for the Clear, I totally agree.
Do I expect the used market to hit ~750-800 over the next 6 month, also yes (and maybe that’s when I’ll get ahold of one myself).


I would respectfully disagree @generic on the depreciation aspect.

Focal models tend to sink from MSRP. They are always frequently available with great discounts on open box inventory. The Elex is a Drop release, but you did really good getting back $600 for them. There was a time DROP had them for $600. The Elegias were MSRP $890. I paid $600 for mine. And used you’d be looking at $400-450. With discounts about, and Adorama specials, Focal pricing doesn’t hold up as well as some others (ZMF comes to mind as the opposite effect.). Brands that frequently discontinue models offer great opportunites for buyers on closeout, but they do affect pricing on the used market.

I think you are to something with the stimulus effect. Used prices are definitely stronger on the secondary market than I’ve seen in the past.

Focal Clears were plentiful open-box, and now being discontinued, probably worth $800-850 on the used market (once people see the discount price as a benchmark.)


Agreed. Most things depreciate, but buying at $1K is a much lower risk than $1.5K.