Focal Radiance - Closed-Back Headphones - Official Thread

Hey guys,

I currently have the Celestee and Radiance at hand and I definitely agree with Andrew about the better tuning and slightly wider soundstage but not sure about the bass… is it just me, or does the Celestee have a more emphasised bass? I was listening to them both (Qobuz using FiiO BTR7, max Qobuz + system volume, no EQ applied) and ‘Ode to the Mets’ by The Strokes came on and I swear I could hear the bass guitar more on the Celestee.

I thought it must have been nothing but then ‘Horizon’ by Daft Punk came on and at around 2:20, listening to the kick drums there was very obvious difference in the loudness (Celestee > Radiance). Radiance still sounded more balanced but is this normal? Because the frequency response graphs suggest that Radiance should be more bassy than the Celestee?


Hi, guys!
Does anyone know how to fix the sound of the cymbals in the APO EQ? In some tracks, these headphones sound very intrusive and really saw the ears. I listened to streaming mp3, flac, LP - it’s the same everywhere. I’ve used DT 770pro before and never had this problem.

In Peace APO EQ try a -3 dB cut at 12 kHz with a Q = 4. That should give you a pretty tight band to reduce the 12 kHz peak and will tame the cymbals. I know what you mean in terms of the intrusiveness.

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It turns out that I am not a huge fan of closed back headphones. I don’t hate them, but they are never my first choice for listening. But sometimes you do want to restrict sound, either in or out. I bought many pairs looking for something that I liked. I really do like my CFA Cascades, but only for a few days at a time.

After buying the Clear OG’s from, I decided to try the Radiance’s from them and was super impressed. I had tried the Elegia’s, but was not impressed. I even bought the special Dekoni pads, but they were not working for me.

To date, these are my most expensive headphone purchase. But also, the best closed back I ever heard. Pretty good balance, but still has good, strong bass. And without a doubt, the prettiest headphones that I own. :smile:

I don’t reach for closed backs often, but when I do, it is mostly these.