Focal Radiance - Closed-Back Headphones - Official Thread

Maybe a Focal Radiance MG.

I’m not sure, as I think the intention behind this one was to be a special edition for Bently. I know that not everyone is into the Bently branding, but personally I don’t care. It’s kind of the same thing with other collabs with car brands, and many audio companies are involved in that, as it’s a huge part of the industry. While it’s highly unlikely I’ll ever drive a Bently, that doesn’t stop the Radiance from being awesome, or me from enjoying it.


I can’t think of any other branding thing quite like this Bentley offering in headphones.

Beats by Dr. Dre?
Hello Kitty headphones?

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I guess that’s true… ??

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Agreed!! I could care less about the Bentley branding, however, I do love the style and rose gold/copper accent of it all. Personal preference, but it just works for me.

I personally love the look and build of the Radiance.

Really enjoy how they sound for the genres I listen to EDM, Heavy, Funk.

Personally would enjoy more soundstage. They sound very in your face so music sounds quite congested. I dont mind this so much, what I dislike the most is the lack of lateral definition.

Really enjoying the TH900 (with EQ) as the soundstage its more 3d like and envelopes you and everything sounds more seperated.

The downside of the TH900 is that they are not fully closed so it restrics the usage of this headphone for me.

Nothing is perfect I guess.

In regards to the soundstage, it’s not something Focal has been well known for with their headphones. What they lack in soundstage, they make up for in different areas such as their dynamics, great tuning, and imaging/detail.

I love the Radiance as well for the reasons you mentioned, and it’s something I hope to get long-term very soon. If the Celestee was tuned closer to the Radiance, I think I would have liked it better, personally.

I’m going solely off of audio memory (which is always difficult) but I felt that the Radiance actually has more soundstage to it then my Clear MG Pro’s did. For a closed back, I was ok with the stage of the Radiance and surprised as well being a Focal.

That feedback makes me even more excited to try out the Radiance again long-term!

Please let me know what you think then of the stage when you do… curious if we’d line up or I’m nuts lol :slight_smile:

Will do! It probably won’t be until after CanJam. I’m prepping for a move, so no new headphones/gear for a while.