For EU friends: Drop Shutting Down EU Warehouse

For our EU friends.


Bummer but not really a surprise considering that currency exchange rates pretty much nulled any savings for the consumer. The Elex is a good example, its French origins raised the price to one of the most expensive items they ever sold, and it let them with very limited profit I’d bet on it. I also suspect European people had a preference for “real” Focals such as Elear over “bastardized” Elex dressed in cammo, real classy in Europe… yeah, right. I suppose if a European customer REALLY wants an item from Drop it could ship from the US. Drop claims worldwide sales but the bulk of their stock is sold in the US and Canada where shipping rates are reasonable and free of import duty thanks to NAFTA. American corporations having to actually pay employees in Euros is sure to siphon the bucket dry within months except perhaps in Ireland where huge money harvested from mega US corporations operating their European subsidiaries from there still fuels a growth frenzy like none other in Europe before. Ireland. Full buckets. I like that.

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