For Sale: Final Audio D8000 Pro

Price: $2500
Ships to: USA
Shipping cost: I’d prefer to split the cost of shipping with the buyer given the price of insuring these.

I really love these, but I need to downsize and I prefer my Rad-0 at the moment for what I’m listening to and how I’m listening to things right now. Will ship in original packaging. Pictures below of what is included:

  • D8000 Pro headphones - I bought these from a Head-Fi user and they’ve had their cups and drivers replaced at Final Audio in Japan about a year ago, so they’re refreshed and working great.
  • The original D-8000 Pro single ended cable they came with with included 1/4 ended converter as pictured attached.
  • A custom made AudioEnvy balanced XLR cable.

Feel free to ask for references or about previous sales here or elsewhere.


The cable is awesome. :+1::v:

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Bumping this up as I’ve done a significant price drop. Hoping to find a good home for these!