Open Box vs Brand new

I am planning on purchasing the Final D8000 Pro and has them for $4200 brand new vs Open box $3600. The savings is pretty huge, but I wanted to see if it’s worth getting open box? Has anyone purchased open box from them and how was the experience vs. brand new?

Does it still carry the warranty? etc. etc



I have not bought any open-box from them yet but it’s worth using the chat feature on the website and asking them directly…

Yeah, they are off today, figured ill ask around for testimonials while I waited till tomorrow to chat with them :slight_smile:


@IMemphis - Resolve is wearing those right now - Final D8000 - in a youtube live stream.
Wonder if those are the same open box headphones? lists on their site -
Special order, sale and open-box items are not covered by our 365-day return policy.
However they are usually covered by the manufacturers warranty.

Haven’t bought open box from them, but their customer service is great in general.


Yeah, i just watched his stream haha. That would be funny if it was the same headset that was being sold :slight_smile:

I’ve bought a couple things from them open box. Bottom line, your purchase is final sale and not returnable unless its received defective.


Thanks for the response. I assume the ones you bought were in perfect condition? Given how expensive the headphones are, I am debating on trying to save 600, or just for peace of mind spend the full amount.

I bought open box once from them. Was practically new. Great experience and always good way to save money if you’re trying to.

Yes they were as new. Two pairs of Focal headphones. I’ve also bought a pair of used headphones from the Lounge, and other new items (an AK DAP and a set of DCA Noires).

Five items purchased in total from Service was always top notch.


Thanks all, super reassuring!

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Audeze lcd i3 and Ifi Micro BL, both were open box from . Excellent costumer service and fast shipping and they were new, just open boxes.
I think my i3 are the ones Andrew used in his review.
I’ll will buy from them again open box with my eyes closed.
Just make sure you know the product since open box sales are final( I think so ).


I’ve had open box a few times from Taron at and they have been for all I could tell Brand New. I couldn’t tell any difference at all. For the huge savings you get it’s well worth it.


I believe that warranty has to be the same on ‘Open Box’ as new. Sometimes companies will just open the box and not even take the item out, so they can sell it at a discount as ‘Open Box’; otherwise they have to sell at MSRP. I always try to buy open box if they’re available, from any retailer. Never any problem and always a decent savings.

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I have done it multiple times, typically with higher-priced items (like $2K-$6K), including a Naim Uniti Nova that I got at $4K vs. the typical $5.5K-$6K for a new item. While there is some risk involved, I have never actually received an imperfect device. May be I was lucky, and there is certainly a leap of faith involved. At least my experience is positive… All the best of luck!


What @prfallon69 said.

I recently purchased a set of IEMs from Taron and couldn’t tell a difference with a new unit.

Buy an open box from Taron and the team with confidence!


Astell and Kern open box merchandise do not come with a warranty. Gotta read the fine print.

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Really? I didn’t know they could get away with that. I wonder if that varies by state?

I guess there’s more to open-box than I knew about; here’s a good article I came across…

The definitions of “Open Box” and “B Stock” can vary dramatically.

Some open box items are brand new, but the seal or shrink wrap was cut. Some open box items are beaten up, damaged, or missing key components.

Some B Stock items are a way of selling regular new products at a lower price without the standard return policy or fancy box (err…sometimes Schiit, Audeze…), while others are indeed flawed or damaged.

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This is a screen shot taken from Audio 46s website. I saw it one other place too…

It might vary by vendor, but its something you’d want to get info on pre-purchase. states all open box items have the warranty included. @taronlissimore