FS: Focal Celestee + Hart Audio Modular Cable - $575


Price: $575 + shipping
Payment Method: Paypal Goods & Services. The fee is included in my price.
Currency: USD
Ships to: Anywhere (buyer pays shipping)

  • Headphone
  • Original box & accessories
  • Hart Audio upgrade cable with 1/4" and balanced terminations

This is my favorite closed-back headphone in its price range. I’m only selling because I simply don’t use it. I purchased it in anticipation of returning to regular in-office work, but I then took a new, fully remote position. My at-home headphone is a Focal Utopia, and luckily, my home listening environment is fairly quiet, so I almost never have a reason to use closed-back headphones. It is super easy to drive and sounded amazing off of my Chord Mojo and Chord Hugo 2, but can comfortably be driven off of a laptop or phone if a separate dac/amp isn’t in your setup.

More than happy to answer any questions.

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These headphones have sold.

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