FS: Pending Major Sell-Off

Price: Various
Currency: USD
Ships to: US

For those that have, over the last few months/year-or-so, asked me to let you know ahead of me publicly listing items for sale, this is a quick notification that I am about to list (over the next few days), ALL my headphone gear (except the HE1 and one of my Linn Next-Gen Klimax Organik DSM units), and my secondary speaker rig.

It’ll be a couple of days before I start posting the individual items (along with a master list) and prices, and there will be some dependencies on some items selling before others (e.g. Chord electronics before/with their stands, tube amplifiers before/with exotic/unobtanium tubes, etc.).

But if there was something SPECIFIC you know that I have that you were after (and have previously messaged me about), and hadn’t managed to secure yet, you’re welcome to shoot me an offer ahead of my postings (at which point it’ll just be FCFS/first-to-pay).

Yes, this is a bit vague, but it’s easier than sending a couple of dozen individual messages to people who may well no longer have interest in the gear they once sought.

This is not intended to have you ask me for what I have or register generic interest; if it’s not something specific that we’ve connected about previously then just wait for me to post the master list.


Is this a “I’m retiring into the sunset from audio” moment or will you still be hanging around here and there while enjoying the HE-1 from the distance? Either way, good luck with sale!

I’ll be around here or there; probably to the same extent I have been for the last year-ish. Though that hasn’t been that much - mostly sporadic pop-ups when getting new gear (of which I think it’s just been the ZMF Atrium, Zähl HM-1, HE-1, W4 and HD660S2 in that time frame … and not much has gotten used beyond the Atrium, HM-1 and HE-1).

I’ll probably start posting the gear list today, in the blocks/order I want to sell it - at which point anyone is welcome to make an offer if there’s something they want. Prices will get added as I figure them out.

I can say that first on the chopping block are, in order (I’ll add all this to the first post once I figure prices):

  • Chord Étude [Black]
  • Chord Blu MKII [Black]
  • Chord DAVE [Black]
  • 2x Medium (115mm) Choral Ensemble Stand [Black w/ Polished Nickel Legs*]
  • 1x Short (70mm) Choral Ensemble Stand [Black w/ Polished Nickel Legs*]
  • Linn Akurate DSM (Wolfson, w/ HDMI board) [Black]
  • Linn Akurate 4200 Power Amplifier (4x 200W into 4 ohms) [Silver]
  • Linn Akudorik Speakers (Passive) w/ Linn Stands [Piano Gloss Black]
  • RAAL SR1a w/ original Speaker Interface, Cables, New Spare Pads & Hard Case
  • Matched Pair of 1954 NOS WE300B, w/ original boxes and ~1,000 hours**.

Note: I won’t sell the Chord stands separately until the electronics they support have been sold.

*The polished nickel (looks like bright, shiny, chrome) legs were discontinued by Chord.
**Design life is 30,000 hours. Original boxes are not perfect so will also include new replica boxes.