FS: Rare EL84 and 6BQ5 tubes

Price: $400
Currency: USD
Ships to: USA

Update 9/18/23: I’ll sell all remaining tubes for $400 if anyone wants the whole stash.

I recently sold my Quicksilver tube amp and many of my accumulated tubes. I still have some really nice tubes available for sale. All prices include shipping in the lower 48. Here’s the current inventory:

  1. Matched pair of 1954 long-plate Amperex 12AX7s: SOLD

  2. Genalex Gold Lion 12AX7/ECC83 Gold Pins (3 available): SOLD

  3. Date-matched pair of 1957 Amperex Bugle Boy D Getter EL84s made in Sittard: SOLD

  4. 3 x Mullard EL84s (Blackburn, 2 from 1962 and 1 from 1964) One is “Amperex” labeled, the other two are “Mullard IEC” (Date codes B2A1, B2A3, B4I2: $75 each

  5. 3 x Siemens EL84s (two date-matched 1962 and one 1963) made in Germany: $50 each

  6. 3 x Telefunken EL84s (diamond bottom): $60 each

  7. Pair of Sylvania EL84s (Baldwin labeled): $80

  8. Pair of Ei (Yugoslavia) EL84s: $90

  9. Pair of GE Oval Gray Plate 6BQ5/EL84s made in the old Ken-Rad factory in Kentucky: $75

Feel free to make an offer on any combination of tubes!

Thanks for looking,


I just found a stash of EL84s I forgot I had. I’ve added them all to the list. I’m happy to provide pictures of any of these.

The 1957 Amperex EL84s and 1954 Amperex 12AX7s have been sold. I’m happy to sell all remaining tubes for $450 shipped if anyone is interested.

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All of my 12AX7s have sold as well as the 1957 Amperex EL84s. I still have a lot of great EL84s and 6BQ5s left though.

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