Gear pics that take you to a happier place/time

Not sure if many have pictures of gears with some kind of an emotional attachment but here’s a try.

Remembering Ultimate Ears Triplefi 10 (UE TF10). Sharing my most memorable time with them as my first IEM into the journey. I had these babies the day I had submitted my Masters thesis. No wonder I kept them till today.

#UETF10 #Columbia #NYC


I don’t have any old gear pics, but here is the gear that has been bringing me joy, and takes me to a happy place everytime I fire up one of the amps. I would have already gone crazy, if I did not have this gear to take me away from the current madness.



Is that a pair of Alpha Prime, I spy?!?!!?! That bad boy used to totally change my mood during grad school. I even reached out to the guy to whom I sold it to, to re-buy it. Well, he was smarter than me and didn’t sell. haha. :slight_smile:

Awesome pictures!


These guys - the Quad 33 preamp and 303 power amp, along with the FM3 tuner - were not mine, at least not originally, but they bring back happy memories of childhood.

They were my dad’s. I grew up with them almost always on. I was under strict orders not to mess about with the volume knob. He worried that I’d blow out the speakers.

Once he got a proper job and could afford it, my dad blew an entire month’s paycheck on the amp, if I remember the story correctly, and had to live off soup or bread or something like that (and good tunes) for a while. I inherited them a few years ago. As far as I know, they still work fine, even if they’re a bit worse for wear, cosmetically.


Lots of ZMF love…and that Tung-sol round plate tube is a :gem:!


Yes sir! I am a ZMF fanboy no doubt. You have a good eye, and I love that Tung-Sol. :wink: However, I scored another TOTL tube recently and it is what I am currently using.


You can’t go wrong with either tube, both tubes are a rarity these days and :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:! I need both in pairs but my common sense refuses to pay the asking price for them…I hope I don’t fall into @pennstac’s trap and hit the PayPal button…it usually happens on the weekends.


It sucks, but there is a reason they have been hunted to nearly extinction and cost so much, they sound insanely good.