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I’ve recently switched to a dual 27-inch monitor setup and I’m a bit short of desk space. I’d like to stack my RME ADI-2 and Jotunheim 2, but don’t want to obstruct the vents on the top of the Jot (it’s the larger of the two units, so naturally belongs at the bottom).

Can anyone recommend a desk shelf which is a similar size to the RME and Jot? I like the look of this unit, but it’s a lot wider than I need. Something similar with the same depth and height, but half the width, would be perfect.

Can you put the RME and Jot 2 side by side instead of stacked? Then the monitors could go on top of the monitor stand and the DAC and amp could go underneath. I’ve done that in the past with a Monoprice monitor stand that looks similar to the one you linked to.

In my previous search for Schiit-sized stands, I’ve never found anything the right width. But I do remember one of the forum members building one, which looked really nice, so that’s an option too, if you really need to stack them.

Maybe :man_shrugging:

that’s probably not big enough but you can DIY something similar pretty easily. I went with generic acrylic panels which saved some if $ is important.

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Ha, no it’s not…thought it looked small compared to the dimensions. Didn’t realize it was in centimeters. :laughing:. Hey, it was 4 am… hadn’t had my coffee yet :woozy_face:


I got this from Amazon (2 pack), it’s kind of perfect for my Bifrost 2/Asgard 2/Lyr 3 stack.


Do the top and bottom stand attach together? Or is it just resting there?

this thread pushed me over the edge. I ordered the pieces to make a custom glass solution. Will update when they arrive.


Just gravity, but the feet bottoms have a stick on anti-skid bit on them. It doesn’t move around.

I forgot to mention there is a fair bit of height adjustment, which is great for things that generate heat like the Jot or Asgard.

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Yeah. I think they are a bit too big for my space. :frowning:

Nice. This looks like just the thing. Just the one needed for now, and one in reserve for when the stack inevitably grows. Many thanks.

Embrace your addiction.

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My primary setup is very similar to @robson’s photo. I even have a Lyr 3 and Loki in the same left-right layout. The major difference is that a RebelAmp takes the place of the Asgard 2 as the support layer, and the Bifrost 2 is in the back. The RebelAmp is almost as wide as the top duo and would just fit alone on the top shelf. It seemingly wouldn’t fit between the posts on the lower shelf or bottom. It’s that big.


I am planning on this going in my library. And the shelf it will go on just fits the jotunheim foot print. So any stackable shelf would have to basically fit the jotunheim like a glove. Which this leaves too much extra space around it. :frowning:

Schiit has also said the lokius should be kept away from the jotunheim. And, I plan to have BF2, Lokius, Jotunheim in a stack (if I keep the jot 2 as primary amp)

does anyone know which is better audèze mobius or yamaha YH-L700 A?

I can vouch for the mobius. I though it was great for what it was. But I haven’t heard the yamaha.

They will be pretty different as one is planar and the other dynamic.

Hi guys, I’m currently looking for a neckband Bluetooth earphone and would be glad if you could give me some advice.

Important points are the following:

  • Budget - Generally up to 100USD (If necessary also more)

  • Source - 1 Android Phone/ and 1 Windows Laptop

  • Requirements for Isolation - not so important

  • ** Connection** - Bluetooth

  • ** Charger** - definitely USB-C

  • Requirements for Microphone - Very important, I will use the earphones for a lot of calls and meetings, so the microphone quality should be good.

  • Preferred Type of Headphone - in ear neckband Bluetooth earphone

  • Preferred tonal balance - Mid range, no particular bass or high frequency needed.

  • Preferred Music - mixed but mainly pop

  • Other information - I will use the earphones for mixed purposes, from zoom calls, to music, to YouTube and casual gaming on the PC. As I mentioned above, since I will use it often for calls, it needs a microphone with a decent quality. I don’t need a super duper high music quality, so I’m okay if it just has a decent quality for the price range. I don’t want to charge it so often, so the battery should be at least 12 hours and more is always welcome. The charger should be definitely USB-C since I don’t want to mess around with different cables. It would be also great if it would be easy to switch easily between at least 2 devices, since I want to use it on my Android phone as well as my Windows PC. The Bluetooth connection and pairing should be smooth and without interruption.

Thank you for any suggestions in advance.

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I’m honestly struggling to think of something within your budget that sounds good and won’t break in a year or less. Maybe the Sennheiser IE 80S BT?

Is the neckband part a requirement, or would a TWS IEM like the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ suffice?

I’m afraid I have no experience with neckband IEMs.

I do own and use regularly a Shanling MW200 which I quite like. It is a little over $100 but it does not include IEMs, it is to use with IEMs of your choice.

It drives most of my IEMs pretty well and sounds decent.

There are Bluetooth neckband style adapters. They can fit a large number of IEMs. I’m hoping that is what you are thinking - the band holds a battery, microphone, and the IEMs - basically a cable.

If that’s the case, you can look for a good cable/adapter that has BT5 and pick up some decent cheaper IEMs. Most of these adapters seem to have micro-usb connectors to charge them instead of USB-C.