Gift for A Student - Recommendations under $200 Wanted

Grand-niece going off on her own for the first time. Has iPhone 8. Has no spare money, so any streaming is what she gets free. I figure that something that lets her talk on the phone would be useful.

I’m thinking the 1More Lightning, now on sale for $125.

But there are other cool one’s out there, about the same price, Pioneer Rayz which add noise cancelling.

Any other thoughts?

I’m also giving her a pair of Sennheiser HD 229 in white/orange that I got as an extra in an ebay used multi headphone buy and that I refurbed with new earpads and headband pad. :mr yuck: A little too garish for my tastes.

That IEM is tough to beat for it’s versatility, I’m pretty inexperienced with IEMs but I think a great budget pair are the Tin audio T2 $50 on Amazon. Or cheaper on alternate sites… I know @I_want_all_the_tacos posted a cheaper way to get them on one of the other threads(on my phone so it’s hard to search for it, once my daughter falls to sleep I’ll try and find it and link it).

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The report this Christmas was that the 1Mores did the trick. For my office admin, who had complained about stock IEMs from her Samsung phone falling out of her ears when she went to the gym, I gave her a Massdrop Blue Box MEE Audio X-Series wireless set of IEMS.

That apparently worked for her.

Let’s make this topic open for any giftable headphones or IEMS. Or any received headphone or IEM gifts.


Cheap IEMs to give away or recommend for me right now is the $20 KZ ZSN. They sound good, fit nicely, and look great.


A gift subscription to a paid streaming service.

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Have you tried these:

They have several thousand suspiciously good reviews. $30.07

Nope. but if they are legitimate Xiaomi Dual drivers, they may actually be made by 1More.