Halloween Songs

I figured since it was Halloween it was a great time to get a music discussion going around the season. Are there any songs you particularily enjoy during this time of the year? Maybe from a movie soundtrack.

I’m a pretty big Horror buff so I’ve got quite a few movies I like to watch around this time of the year, most of which have some pretty great soundtracks to accompany them!

From the movie of the same name, this song is super atmospheric, especially when combined with the vivid technicolor in the movie.

I first watched The Exorcist when I was 12 and it scared the ever-living crap out of me. The theme is one that sticks with you and sound fantastic with the right headphones.

There aren’t many songs that set-up the mood of a movie as well as this one. I feel like this song along is like 50% responsible for The Lost Boys being a cult classic.

A bit of a slower paced song but very atmospheric. Really enjoy this one.

If you are fan of Lovecraftian movies, In the Mouth of Madness is pretty great for that. While this song doesn’t quite evoke the same moods as the others I quite like it.

Carpenter Brut is a DJ I listen to quite a bit around this time of the year. Definitely not for everyone. Most of his music falls under Giallo Disco (Giallo being a genre of Italian horror). It’s a bit like darker synthwave if you are into that.

My favourite Iron Maiden song and my favourite performance of it. I have seen the video hundreds of times and if there was one concert I wish I went to, it would have been Rock in Rio 2001. The way Bruce controls the crowd for the first 2 minutes and than explodes out of the gate is fantastic.

Do you find you listen to spooky tunes around this time of the year? Or does it stay the same throughout the year?


2year old is constantly listening to Halloween kids songs…does that count lol.

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Type O Negative (any album), but “Bloody Kisses” is the definitive one. Christian Woman and Black #1.

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Cool playlist

Edit: the last track is the best lol, I remember this song as a kid lol

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Here’s one from my youth. I’ve gotta tell you that my Dad was a professor of Spanish, and I’m at this point reasonably bilingual. I don’t know when I heard this first, but we spent half a year in Mexico when I was 4. Cri-Cri is the Spanish name for “Jimminy Cricket”. Here’s his song about the witches. “Las Brujas”

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https://youtu.be/xqrxW-pEq3Q “Monster Mash” . by Bobby Pickett

Although I saw your post, I thought I might add the song separately. I hope that doesn’t fall within the boundaries of plagiarism. It was my favorite songs as a kid. I think that really dates me.

I had to enter this picture of a YouTube picture of Dave Clark and audience listening to Bobby Pickett’s performance. The girl next to him could care less about the performance and more about Dick Clark.

Wow! That old black and white Dick Clark Show really dates me.


Misfits - Horror themed (and pretty innocent sounding today):

The lead singer Glen Danzig went on to the dark metal band Danzig:

And for goofy satirical punk/metal and its KISS parody album cover:


Very cool! listening on my new Focal Elegia… I am shocked at how well these do imaging and width.

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Great name for an album (Sloppy seconds). Where do they come up with them. That could be a whole new thread on its own.:grin:

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Nothing too scary but I usually listen to Superstition by the great Stevie Wonder. This new song that I’ve been playing on repeat since it came out is Skeleton by Tails,Inverness, Nevve. It’s a banger and slightly Halloween themed I guess?

The Misfits were a big part of my music repertoire when I was in high school. “Fiend Club” and “Dig Up Her Bones” are both fantastic songs.

Just came across this on Spotify today :

If you don’t like Marilyn Manson, would not recommend it. Definitely an interesting take to say the least.

Alice Cooper always gets some play around this time of the year as well.

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I am sorry to all previous respondents but CLASSICAL has the best Halloween music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSp3xP8Ydy0

I think I win. Which super-expensive headphone is my prize? :wink:

Taron… I still think the original Dracula,Frankenstein,Wolfman are the the best. Original Hunchback will give you goosebumps. The Amityville Horror is really spooky too. I’m not a big fan of gory special effects. Have a great and spooky Halloween.

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It was the band name, not the album name. Be very very careful researching that name!

The album was “Destroyed”, as based on “Destroyer” by KISS:

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Don’t worry I definitely won’t be researching it.:grin:. Thanks for the info. The mind boggles.