Headphone Cables/Builds w/ Pictures - DIY

I absolutely hate working with 2.5mm connectors, even TRS.

Getting 20-22awg onto a 2.5mm TRRS is the ultimate test!

Hi all, can anyone let me know what is a decent cable to use for headphones please?

Do you know where i can source these kind of parts in UK/EU?

I don’t have a build to share… yet but I’m wondering if I could get some input on this planned build. I was going to start a new thread but seems I’m not able to

Want to build some DIY cables for my HD 6XX + Qudelix 5K and want to make sure I’ve selected the right parts.

I want to have interconnects using mini-XLR so I can switch from 2.5mm balanced to 3.5mm single when switching between devices (and in the future maybe full size XLR if I get a desktop amp). I’d like the cable to be fairly flexible not not cheap / weak.

Do these parts seem correct / reasonable for what I’m trying to achieve?

4-core pure silver solid core wire. I didn’t fully dress it in case I want to modify some things, but dang this things sounds excellent :wave:


28awg wire is very thin.

Aliexpress as plenty of 24awg variants. Aim for a “OD” (outer diameter) of around 1.3mm and you’ll have a nice thickness to the cable. Any thicker guage and you’ll very much struggle to solder it to the 2.5mm TRRS, those things are tiny.


@JonL would you mind sharing a link of those silver cables?

4-conductor version

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My Beautiful Audio Grado mod


I like the PS 2000’s also. I need that mod for my RS1e. But don’t want to do it myself. Did you buy the parts from Beautiful Audio?