HiFiMan Sundara


Priced down to $349 from $499.


Nice catch!

I’m almost tempted …

Then I realize that this model has been out less than a year - and wonder if this is just a limited-time sale, a permanent price drop, a pre-cursor to a variation of it appearing on Massdrop or, since this is HiFiMan we’re talking about … whether this unit is about to be replaced, revised (“V2’d”) or simply discontinued.


I almost bought them myself…then had very similar thoughts lol. Plus I kind of want to wait for the Massdrop HE-XX to drop again, and just jump on that.


That’s a good deal. I dont need this. I dont.

I really dont need it. I have the HE560 already.

Yea, I dont need it. Let’s put the wallet back.

I saw the Focal Clear was being offered for $799 this weekend by The Source AV as well. That was extremely tempting.


Where did you see that offering? I know Mr. Speakers is heading to The Source AV this Saturday for a meet.

They posted it on SBAF/Head-Fi.

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Got it, thanks :grin:

This is why I don’t touch HFM stuff.

… And there is only one model in their entire lineup that sounds good (to me).

… And a long history of build quality issues.

… And the customer support nightmare stories don’t inspire trust or confidence either.

… And … Well, you get the picture.

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On item 3 - Due to Item 2 (build quality issues – broken yokes) I’ve had to use item 3 on three occasions last year and each time was very pain-free and easy. Threw an email out with a photo and description of the problem, and within two days, I received a replacement part.

So I have no issues with their customer support.

I only have one pair of HIFiMan (HE-6SE) and for obvious reasons I am very careful with them. I hope I don’t have any issues if the customer support is that bad.

Moon-Audio in Cary, NC, just came out with the same price of $349. Limited time special.

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I suppose I should mention that item one was the original HE6 (non-SE model) from a Schiit Vidar fed via Saga/Yggy A2. To this day it’s still one of the best sounding setups I’ve ever heard.


This looks suspiciously like Tech dumping ahead of a new model or a discontinuation. Didn’t we recently see the same thing with the He560 version2. All at once it dropped like a brick price wise and then Hifiman started making noises about it being discontinued.


With all your equipment I’m beginning to think you might be opening up a museum in the future. :thinking:

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I imagine since HiFiMAN went the Massdrop route with the HE-4XX (selling at $169.99), sales on the Sundara are simply lacking. The $499 price point is a very difficult one with the HD 6XX and HE 4XX and aside from maybe a better build, I don’t know if a ton of people feel there’s a reason to grab a Sundara at $499. I can’t speak to differences in sound as I have only listened to the original HE-400i but doing the Massdrop deal at $169.99 and then introducing a brand new entry-level headphone into your line-up at $499 is very difficult.


I don’t know about a museum … maybe an (in)sanitarium …

I do know a major gear-purge is pending.

After which the only things I will be keeping will be those in active use (as opposed to being there purely for review/comparison purposes).