He560 v4 $269 -Back in Stock!

HiFiman HE560 on Adorama.

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Looks like $899 to me, do you need a link from their newsletter or something?

Yea they sent it to my email, let me see if I can link it.

Damn sold out!

I got them yesterday. Maybe they put it back up?

Thanks man, will edit the post

I just clicked on the link and its in stock for $269 now. Man i’m tempted, I generally liked the 560’s signature, but i’ve had so many hifiman’s crap out on me that i’m extremely hesitant.


Well what is the warranty? Maybe you should consider that. I know it happens, one of the guys on here had it happen with his HE6Se from adorama but mine has been fine.

It’s hit or miss, but if you can get it replaced why not… it’s not like it’s your only headphones

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I returned mine after a couple of days. I know they have to burn in a bit, but they just sounded so God awful I couldn’t stand it. Probably just the ones I got.

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Mine required burn-in and then regularly ‘forgot’ and had to be re-burned or re-energized if I didn’t use them. They sounded flat or hollow for an hour or two. Still, their audio quality is competitive in the <$500 bracket.

My HE-560 died after a year, and I paid $250 at Adorama too. However, I sold both factory cables and the dead headphones for over $100 on Ebay. (Hmmm…hmmm…hmmm…Who buys this stuff?)

I’ll pass this time.


Definitely nothing that stands out. From a review I watched and of course can’t comment from personal experience, that they say it’s like pre-sundara and I believe they even showed the frequency response to corroborate that.

I mean there’s no rush or immediate desire to grab them unless all the other headphones you got under perform what they do. Not sure what’s so amazing about them.

Got to get hyped up to buy something.

Just got those kph30i’s and I like that little sucker. Grab one of those and convert them to Ultra’s :grin:

I got these headphones a while back when they went on sale. Theres also a few open box and used on sale at Adorama too. My god these headphones are awesome! Neutral but detailed. Good slam in the bass. Treble tamed, not harsh but clear. And the imaging is wonderful. I can hear stuff behind my head. Not sure about the soundstage. Seems close. Someone correct if not true.

Right now i consider this the best deal in hifi. If anyone wants a good headphone in the 200$ range this is it.


In a frequency comparison, which I believe I mentioned earlier is that it has a fairly similar frequency response. The Sundara is pretty much hailed in the sub 500 region and this at a lower price should make sense.

Glad you are enjoying, I just started EQing and honestly my Elegia sounds even more awesome and my HE6SE popping off too.

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I’d wait for Hifiman to apply Stealth Magnets to He560, HE6SE, Sundara, etc… It did wonders to the lowend 400SE. We all know how often they make these changes.

What’s that? Andrew loved the HE6SE v1, not sure what’s the full difference is between v1/2.

However I am not sure if a V3 will be dropping. Honestly not even sure how the V2 came to be. But who knows the 560 at v4 lol.

Just recently watched the ASR YouTube review of the Ananda and those headphones seem a bit iffy. HiFiman seems to be Sundara or high end[1000+] as your only real options. Arya has terrible QC from what some people have said on here, beyond the common notion that QC seems to be an issue all around. The HE6Se v2 took a dump after two weeks for one of the guys who works at headphones.com, I think he works for them.

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Got mine for $249 from the email link. Very good sound for the money. I am happy with my purchase.