HiFiMan Susvara Over-Ear Planar Headphone - Official Thread

I think you can use the same filters in Roon. I need to reinstall it.

Yeah you’re probably right. It doesn’t guarantee 100% sounding the same but probably close enough

people can do whatever they want for sure but there is always some degradation of sound when you use EQ and the susvara is so good as it is why mess with it?

If you believe that, by all means feel free to refrain. But the point is that you should try it before passing judgment.


if I owned a headphone that I felt was greatly deficient in a particular area I might well try EQ knowing it will degrade the sound to some extent but improve upon the defect enough to make it worthwhile…I probably wouldnt buy or at least keep such a headphone…certainly the susvara wouldnt be that headphone for me

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Yeah some people believe EQ degrades the sound quality, but in my experience if done properly it should only improve things to A) better suit a preference, and B) match a personal HRTF more closely.

I think there are situations where it can be destructive to fine-grained elements of the FR, and yeah that’s where things get dicey. It’s also why doing it ‘properly’ is a subjective task, and should be done conservatively - at least in my view.

But this is also not to get into a debate about EQ since that belongs in a different thread, I’m merely looking for feedback for those who might be willing to dive into tinkering on this one. Sounds like that’s probably not you hahah.


The reason for deleting your message @BuffaloWing is that I believe you can say the exact same thing but missing the insult.


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The insult was necessary to get the point through. Calm gentle reasoning doesn’t penetrate thick skulls.


Not that I feel Susvara need EQ but would be fun to try out, Anyone done this in Roon who can share the entries…as a newbie to EQing not sure bss above what to add in Parametic EQ…excuse my ignorance…