Hopes for Noobs, Newbies forum area

Forum area for who are new to our hobby

Let us not forget we learn most when we stay new and open to learning

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I’ll say that I’m relatively new, I bought my first headphones last year, Audioquest Nighthawks, then from there added the HD700 and He400I, got my amp just a few months ago, and I’m already retooling my headphones. Learning a lot on this forum, lots of helpful advice from people who have been at it for a long time, and the greatest thing is that there are some who own headphones that I’m interested in and I have received hands on long term reviews.


This is an excellent thread and has broken more than one forum. Everyone has to be comfortable asking questions, looking for feedback, participating, without being made to feel as if they shouldn’t be here…that they don’t have valid questions or responses.

Whether you are looking at your first set of Beats or Skull Candy, you still have valid feedback and can help another person make a decision. Everyone started as a newbie…everyone.


I was going to say that modern noobs have two great advantages - fora (forums, plural) like this one, and the fact that Radio Shack, JC Whitney, and Lafayette are no longer around. Then I found the first two reincarnated online. And Heathkit has a nice site - but they were always class.

BTW, a search on JC Whitney shows they have to AC Delco (original GM Equipment) heapdphones… Radio Shack’s opening page is full of dubious audio ware for putting over your ears. Radio Shack used to be good for tubes, then possibly computers. As a noob I bought an amplifier at Rat Shack. The only way to learn back then was self-inflicted punishment. :wink:

Hey, welcome noobs, and hope you don’t mind reading drunken senior rambling telling you what you already know!

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I’ve become a defender of Beats (post Apple acquisition) as respectable for their price range. The early products were embarrassingly bad of course. I happily use a set of $100 BeatsX collar-style Bluetooth IEMs for the gym, Metro, and “'under winter cap” outside needs. The tiny tips are very comfortable in the ear. The sound quality is fine for noisy environments (where airplane-style headphones are not appropriate). The bass is still exaggerated, but in a controlled fashion.

Hey, they still haven’t sold out!


They look like wireless headphones. I wonder how they are “installed”
(Noobs, don’t go here!)