iFi AUDIO micro iTube2 Tube Pre-Amplifier, Buffer & Power Amp

I am curious as to if anyone has auditioned this product or currently owns it as a way to get a complimentary tube sound to their solid-state system?


I own one and quite like it for certain types of music. I use it without gain as a tube buffer which to my ears makes everything a bit less dry, more wet, which to me means that notes are rounder and there is more perceived space around the notes. Stage opens up a bit as well. The effect is more subtle than “omg what a difference” but noticeable. The iTube also has 3 settings for bass enhancement but I prefer the Schiit Loki for that. I never use the 3D function as I don’t care for it’s effect.

From what I can remember, compared to the Schiit Saga+ preamp in active mode I think the “tube” effect of the iTube is more pronounced.

The only down side is that there is no bypass function so if you don’t want the added distortion in your chain you either have to disconnect it or have a DAC and an amp with both balanced and SE connections so that you can switch between balanced (no iTube connected) and SE (with iTube) on your amp.


Thank you for that info, I like iFi products and saw this today and was curious to learn more about it.

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