iFi Audio - Official Brand Thread

No, I mean the new cheap one that is almost a dongle. USB-3 to phone jack, 1.5 inch wire for flexibility $59 or so.

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Ah, you mean the Go Link

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Yep. Works good. The :chipmunk::chipmunk:ly part is with interactions of the Go-link android 12 and tablet USB with and without uapp.

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Thanks for clarifying as we have a few Go products now! How has the GO Link behaved with other audio sources? Are you able to check? Tight fit is likely a product of the build.

With iPad Pro - fine. With iPhone - fine, with MacBook Pro fine. iPhone used USB-3 to Lightning adapter. I have not had time to test it with the old Android 8 tablet. Work has been rather busy, causing brain fatigue and nothing but tapioca between my ears.

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It’d be worth a test with the Android 8 when your tapioca has…solidified (haha?). Otherwise I’ll check if we’ve had any GO Link UAPP issues crop up yet.

OK, eventually. Weekend travel planned.

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In the words of that one James Bond song, We’ve Got All the Time in the World.

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I found an incompatibility between Schiit and iFi

Specifically, while the Schiit Lokius’ power supply - 14-16v AC has EXACTLY the same connector as my iFi Zen Blue V2 5 volt power supply, they are not actually interchangeable. In fact, when you plug in the Schiit supply to the Zen Blue V2, the Zen issues smoke signals.

My Sansui AU-919 came back from repair today, and I was setting things back up in the office. I had a 50% chance of choosing the right power supply for the Zen Blue and the Lokius by looking at which lead I had marked with tape. Something went wrong.

As I don’t use balanced in this setup, a NEW ZEN AIR BLUE is on its way - due Monday from Amazon. Meanwhile I brought in my FIIO K9 PRO ESS and am using that until the replacement arrives.

Sorry iFi for naming 4 actual brands in this post. I’m expecting that the ZEN BLUE AIR at a mere 100 Iron Men will be at least as good as a 2 or 3 year old Blue V2, if only being used with Bluetooth.


Sorry to hear that!

After letting the magic smoke out of many devices over the years (and still not finding a way of getting it back inside), I have become extra cautious with power supplies but still slip up now and again.


I label my power supplies with tape on the barrel ends. Ugly as Madonna, but it helps with my limited brain function.


I also wrap the right channel of those blasted invisible Sennheiser “L” and “R” cable markings with tape or add a dot of paint.

Way back when the insides of PCs had ribbon cables that could be reversed, one had to find a tiny mark on the boards to determine the correct orientation. If you got it wrong the electrical shorts would melt the insulation for every other wire. Ask me how I know.


I remember when the company tech where I worked back in the late '90’s replaced a power supply in a Dell desktop pc. Never heard so much yelling and the smoke! Man it stunk.

Dell used a proprietary power supply in that machine ( We had about 200 of them ) which you could not buy. It LOOKED just like a regular power supply.

Mark Gosdin


Placed the Zen Air Blue in my office chain today. A worthy piece of work that sounds at least as good as the Zen Blue V2 it replaced. Half the cost stronger BT connection. Lacks all frills- no power supply but a USB A to power connector short cable instead. SE out only. But it does exactly what I need (and, I suspect what most need) very well. Surprisingly smooth sound – I’d guess Burr Brown rather than the ESS it has. Great job, iFi.


Thats quite the conundrum! But good to know. It’s definitely worth keeping the power supplies separate to avoid this, but I’m glad you were able to find a replacement unit that suits your needs.

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Interesting :star_struck:


iFi is coming hardcore with this one. Talk about a swiss army knife.

iCAN Phantom by iFi audio - Vanish into the music (ifi-audio.com)


We got a chance to finally demo this beast at Hi-End Munich! You can see more details and specs on the head-fi thread here:

Join in on the discussion, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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I’ve still been looking for a quiet USB power supply. I’d like to try the iFi iUSB 3.0, but it appears to be not available.

When I try to run an iPad or iPhone with an external DAC AND attach power, it gets noisy with ANY of my Audeze earbuds, the iSINE 20, LCDi3 or LCDi4. There is a 60 hz hum, a ground loop somewhere. If I touch the ipad or iPhone, I can sometimes cancel it. If I touch the earbud/IEM I will cause it. And it’s slightly audible just from close proximity in my ear…

I’ve tried putting the iFi Defender inline, doesn’t help. What works is using a honking big battery instead of a USB supply attached to mains. I have NOT tried using the charging port of my AudioQuest power supply filter. I don’t even know if the unobtanium iFi iUSB 3.0 would work.

Suggestions? Anybody from iFi have one they can send me to try?