iFi Audio - Official Brand Thread

I know I like the original xDSD. This new one looks to be a significant upgrade. The Bluetooth 5.1 is important to me, although I suspect the Zen Blue V2 with it’s add-on antenna will provide a more stable BT connection. I don’t want to sound like a testimonial generator, but I’ve been very pleased with iFi’s niche and mid-range products. Being a niche and mid-range person, I have less of a use case for TOTL…


A few weeks ago I had an old friend as a guest and we talked about my “excessive” headphone collection, all the accessories that are lying around in my household.

And he asked me if I had to make a decision, to opt for only one stationary and one mobile solution, which in view of all the relevant factors (convenience, sound quality, cross-genre tonal balance, rocking foot factor …)
would satisfy.

Which, in view of the changed situation in the context of energy policy measures in Germany, I might even only be able to use.

I was even able to make my decision relatively quickly.

Ist might be a surprise for many, but it‘s all about synergie:

Zen Stream, Zen Dac, Zen Can :man_shrugging:



The headphone brands differed, but the amp solution was both from ifi-Audio.

I’m actually really excited about the Zen Stream, which is an essential factor in the chain’s synergy.
The spatial “opening” is simply hard to believe for this price. This literally “extracts” the music as if you were removing the curtain from a window.
At least in comparison with the Bluenode N130 or playing directly from the PC.

And the HD600 reacts very sensitively to these properties.

Potato soup with sausages, over suschi, so to speak :wink: :grinning:


Yikes! That looks like my wife’s collection of shoes. I am just a bit surprised at the choices.


I looked at @Lothar_Wolf’s collection and tried to identify all of the cans. I think I accurately named about 75 percent of that impressive collection.



Did you guess the third one from the back (brown headband)?


(I am seriously curious as to what it is!)

pretty sure that’s a beyerdynamic Aventho.


Good eye (and memory)!

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Not a single clue, mate!