IOS and Android Players


Neutron was mentioned in the Mac thread but it is a mobile app. What are some others that you’ve tried?

I have Vox. It’s a little challenging in the UX department but it does play my FLAC files without apparent adjustment. It’s also free if you don’t care about yet another cloud service.


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I’m a bit confused.

Your thread title talks about iOS and Android, which are mobile by definition, but your post talks about the mentioned players being mobile vs. desktop in a negative context …

If you actually want something for OS X/macOS then I have a thread here with some commentary on the available options.

If it’s really iOS or Android you want a player for, then I’m a bit less able to help. On iOS the serious player applications involve too much faffing about to be worth it (for me). On Android they’re pretty much a necessity, in which case, while I have an intense dislike for the UX, UAPP is probably the best way to go.


Sorry. I meant that the Neutron app comments were maybe in the wrong place. I’m wondering what, if any, apps people are using to play higher resolution files on a mobile device.

Neutron looks interesting. I’m looking at it vs. Vox etc.


I have been pleased with the entirely new made over Android . " Poweramp " I recently downloaded it and it is far better then it use to be, and that was all that bad.

The new version now supports DSD files as well (.dff, .dsf). These are the file formats I’m into. Maybe a good idea to check it out. There is a trial version. (full version trial) . I think it’s only $10
I have lots of files in those formats I mentioned as well as nearly 2 TBs of Flacs. If you like it you will be somewhat future proofed for current and beyond dacs. Good Luck and Happy Listening


Foobar has an app for both iOS and Android…:boom::fist_right::fist_left: your welcome… :sunglasses::wink:

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As you already said your welcome…Thank you very much…
I was unaware that foobar had mobile capability on anything other than Windows.

I’ve used it exclusively for audio for many years so will check out the iOs app. It’s hard to believe it’s available for Apple but I’ll take a look :thinking: When was it developed and released for iOs?

With Android, I can’t imagine anything much better than the Neutron player. I found out about it/bought for the BB Playbook but assume it has the same capabilities on a native Android OS.
It is an excellent player that is updated regularly.

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@Hellenback I’ll have to check out the Neutron player when I’m out of my office (secure space can’t have personal electronics). I’m always willing to play with new toys/apps/gadgets etc…


A useful app I use on my Android phone is called USB Audio Player PRO. It not only plays nearly all lossless formats but it also has helpful features such as overriding the operating system sound to instead use hardware audio (useful if you’re using a DAC with your phone such as the Dragonfly Black/Red and having low volume issues).


I believe Neutron offers the same direct digital out option if the hardware supports it over USB. The Playbook doesn’t so I haven’t been able to experiment with it.


For that particular purpose, I believe this app is the only Droid app in town, correct?


I am giving another thumbs up for foobar2000 on Android. I haven’t used the iOS version, but the mobile version doesn’t have an equalizer feature. Otherwise this is the first app I would try out to see, if you like it. It’s free and doesn’t bombard you with advertisement. The GUI is somewhat clunky, but hey …


My vote goes to Korg Audiogate . for ios11 . and all new Poweramp for droid. Both hi-rez including DSD

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Above Hellenback said this:

But I haven’t personally tried Neutron so I can’t say much about it.

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Booo me; must’ve read over it. Thanks man

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Rocket on Android is a really feature packed player, and I’ve had no problems with it.

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I’m using Hiby music player on my Pixel2 right now. It has some pretty chill features. EQ, USB DAC… Plus it’s very slick looking. I’m looking forward to my Hiby 3 coming in the mail soon.
I didn’t like neutron, it kept crashing. USB audio looked cool but I saw the Hiby app and jumped on that instead.


As an aside, I am a dyed in the wool freeware user and refuse to pay for software that has equal or better functions available with free software.

That said, there was no freeware available for the Playbook and AV playback was to my mind one of it’s strongest suits (It has a Wolfson DAC I believe).
Anyway, I needed to play FLAC files so broke down and paid for the Neutron player and have been impressed by it’s SQ/funtions/interfeace/ and continual updates since.
I still use the Playbook I bought new at a huge discount in 2011 as a bedside player & alarm clock!
I do intend to buy a new Android based tablet or phone so as to be able to use Neutron to it’s full potential.
If all software that performs this well cost just the $6 I paid at the time, I’d likely use far less freeware :wink:

Lastly, now that I’ve heard about foobar for Android and iOs I’m really going to have to quit procrastinating and check it out.

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Yea, I use Neutron myself. I have been very impressed by its feature set. I am especially impressed with the EQ.


Maybe I’ll give it another try… It kept crashing on my Pixel2.


I haven’t come across any problems myself but then again I probably don’t use 80% of it’s features.