Little Dot GYFU

Little Dot just came out with a new over ear headphone. The GYFU, seen here:

Its a dual driver headphone with bass reflector. One of the drivers which fits right in the middle of the main drivers is a 8mm PEK driver shown here:

Little Dot are a known manufacturer of tube amps and IEMS. Not sure how many full sized headphones they’ve made before if any but the 550$ price shows they are serious about this one. BGGAR has done initial impressions of this headphone at:

Zeos has one too and will soon be putting out a review.

Ok so as soon as I heard about this headphone I bought it and 5 days later it showed up on my door step. I pulled it out of its fancy wooden box and plugged it into my A90 amp. And was immediately blown away by it. Music I was tired of shined through with a new vibrancy. There’s something unique about this headphone that ive never heard before. There’s been dual driver headphones before. I own 2 of them. the 1More Triple Driver on ear and the ESS 422 over ear. Also Final Audio came out with one. Both sound awesome. But not like this headphone. The detail is high on this headphone and the the effect of both drivers are very interesting. Consider a sound field with 2 planes. sound coming from one and the other combine well but you can still hear both. Is this good? Bad? IDK. But im sure liking it.

The sound stage seems close. Ironic since Little Dot makes tube amps. This combines to make a aggressive sounding headphone. But there’s warmth here also. Yet I can only say its V-shaped with the bass reflector and PEK driver. There’s good bass here. Nice slam. Though I’d be hard pressed to call it a bassy headphone. What’s really a ear catcher here is the treble. Ive never heard a headphone fly with such siren like highs before. The treble on certain songs can kick in and you’ll hear some highs you didnt think possible before. It doesn’t happen often but when it does its quite impressive. Yet the treble isn’t harsh on this headphone. Its clean but I wouldn’t call it a crystal clear headphone. Its warm. Yet again it doesn’t suffer from treble that other headphones do. its not very sibilant or harsh. The imaging with the dual driver is fantastic! I would love Andrew to try and measure this headphone and tell me what its doing lol. I would love someone to explain this headphone to me. But there seems to be very little notice of it. I cant find a review on them. But right now im really enjoying this headphone.

GYFU stands for “A Gift for You” and it definitely seems that way as it comes in a nice wooden box with gold writing on it and magnets to hold it closed. The headphone is well built and impressive looking in all wood and leather. I assume its real leather. The pads are perforated with a cloth top. Unfortunately they are a little snug. And my ears arent that big. The pads are very thick and plush. I can feel a ring inside. And apparently you can turn the pads around and get a different sound profile. I haven’t tried this yet.

The cable is unique also in that the connectors and strain seem to be made of real stone, they have some weight to them. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was real obsidian. Its the heaviest cable ive ever encountered because of it. cable is braided and not janky.


Turns out Massdrop is offering these but 40$ cheaper:

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First impressions:
Warm bass, slightly thin sounding at times. Bright peaks in upper mids and low treble. Strings are quite forward and a bit overwhelming for me. Very forward presentation. Lacks depth in my 4 track listening so far.

Outside the peaks, its generally decent tonal balance, but I wish they werent there. More stabby than Hifiman which have similar peaks.

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Interesting! Thanks for the info. Ive been listening to it for a while and it seems the warmth has dissipated some. sounds closer to the tone of a hifiman headphone. I actually prefer it to my Sundara right now. The more i listen to it the more i’m impressed with it.