Manley Absolute

Anyone had any experience with this one? I’m “window shopping” end game amps, since, hell, there ain’t much else to do right now, and curious about responses, maybe from show exhibit sessions or otherwise. Been reading highly laudatory reviews, but haven’t seen any direct comparisons with, say, Woo or Ampsandsound (although Herb Reichert at Stereophile has written about the Pendant vs. the Woo WA-5). Not planning on making such a big spend anytime soon, but from what I’ve read the Manley is a lot of fun. (I owned Manley monoblocks back in the mid-90s and while they eventually proved too fussy and breakdown-prone, I really loved the sound and the look).


I should add, that I am obsessed with having a tube amp again, but just can’t risk it for my main system. However, it seems perfect for headphone or “B” system use …

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Donald North Audio - DNA

You won’t be disappointed.