Munich High-End 2022

This thread is to discuss Munich High-End 2022 and all the new announcements from the show as well as impressions.

@andrew, @Resolve , DMS and myself are all in Germany right now and heading to Munich High-End at the end of the week.

I know some of you from the forum will be there so make sure to send us a message and say hi!


I’ll only be there on the Saturday but I look forwards to seeing y’all.


Awesome looking forward to seeing you there! We had a pretty eventful day in Berlin yesterday and today we’re stopping by and seeing Freddy and his team at HEDD Audio.

Driving the autobahn tomorrow for the first time to Munich. That should be an event all by itself haha.


Just remember to get out of the way when not overtaking :wink:


We’re in Berlin currently and stopped by HEDD Audio’s headquarters.

Just some behind the scenes shots of @Resolve and DMS capturing some content. Looking forward to the finished work.

Talking to Klaus and Freddy is always a pleasure and diving into the AMT tech is really fun!


Mecca for the audio nerd. Hope you all have a great time dudes!


Campfire Audio has announced the Trifectca, a new IEM priced at a staggering $3,375.


A couple pictures from the first day. Thursday and Friday are exclusive to industry and then Saturday and Sunday are general public.

Its the biggest show I’ve ever been to. Probably covered about an 1/8th of the show today.


Do they give out swag?

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Free tube amps for everyone who scans the QR code.


Just left a few recommendations for good Biergarten in munich on Instagram, in the comments, under your last Berlin Post.

Hope to meet you guys at the show on saturday


I just wanted to post my two highlights of he show today. The first was getting to listen to the Zahl HM1 amplifier with the Noire - there will be a video coming out about that soon but that’s the best I’ve ever heard the Noire sound by far. The second was hearing a bunch of headphones, including the Susvara, off the new Feliks Envy tube amp.

I also got to try the Diana TC from it as well, which was very detailed sounding.

Here’s some photos.

I also got a chance to listen to the Meze 109 open back, which was nice but I want to check it out in their private room, so I’ll do that tomorrow and report back. Very comfortable and a nice chilled out listen though at first impression.

Lastly, I heard the Neumann open back, and it was… nothing that grabbed me immediately. I think it stands a chance at being one of those headphones that you appreciate the more time you have with it, but I didn’t find it to be anything special on my initial listen. DMS and I both had the same thought on that one.


Alright Day 2 and standout of the show for me was easily the new Feliks Audio Envy. They had it paired with the Susvara and I got about 25 minutes of listening in with it. Sounded incredible.

Biggest surprise so far is the unreleased, unfinished RAAL Circumaural prototype. It was incredibly well balanced and quite detailed. Has a little bit higher treble emphasis than I personally enjoy. But I was not expecting the sound it produced. Very pleasantly surprised!


Just posting my Day 2 thoughts. The headphone that’s captured my attention more than any other this trip has been one that I did not expect. I spent some more time with the Meze 109 Pro in their private listening room, and I found it to be really pleasant and enjoyable - something I could see myself personally owning in the future even. It’s also really comfortable and downright gorgeous.

I think some folks might be expecting this to be just an open-back 99 classic (as was I), but let me assure you it’s not. It’s categorically better, at least from first impression. It has that similar Meze warm tilt with a gentle downslope and midbass emphasis, but then it also has a present balance throughout the ear gain region, with a subtle emphasis to the upper treble and air region to my ear, but it’s done so in a very smooth and tasteful manner.

Speaking with founder Antonio Meze, he mentioned something that I think is very important for us on the evaluative side of things to remember. It’s that headphones should bring joy to the listening experience. Some of us (me) spend a lot of time analyzing and scrutinizing every fine little aspect of the sound but when you take a step back, you also have to ask if what you’re hearing brings you joy - and I can say that the 109 definitely brought me joy.

Also… it sure sounded detailed! It was being run off a high end Auris tube amp, so I’m not sure how much is the headphone and how much is the amp, but this is a headphone that should be on everyone’s radar. It’s certainly one that I’m looking forward to getting in to review once it’s released. Price point is still not set but they expect it to be under $1k.


Did you guys get a chance to meet my homie Sandu (Soundnews) or GoldenSound?


I met Goldensound yesterday and he actually came to dinner with us last night. Incredibly nice guy. Can’t say enough good things about him!


DMS and I did connect with the SoundNews guys. Really friendly. I hope to chat with them again today.


already checked most important booths and chill outside for a while


really cool facility to have the show! The feliks envy is beautiful and I have been eyeing one or the Cayin HA-300 mk2. Waiting for some reviews to come out on both… Feliks is a bit pricier and has SS rectification while the HA-300 is tube rectification.

Can’t wait to see what Hedd audio and Raal can continue to come out with. IMO the innovation with a ribbon or AMT driver could be really exciting as we have seen what planars development has done over the years.

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The trip to Munich has been worth it just to listen to the Susvara with the Envy.

I am now open to suggestions on how to explain my need of this set up to the wife… :smile: