Munich High-End 2023

This is the thread to chat about the upcoming Munich High-End show that’s happening next weekend, May 18th - 21st!

@andrew , @GoldenSound , DMS and myself have been in Europe for a couple days now. We just wrapped a tour at Sennheiser’s factory in Tullamore, Ireland and are in the UK now with a visit lined up today to Warwick Acoustics and then we are dropping by Chord Electronics tomorrow. Pictures to populate the thread later!


Up in the Dublin mountains

Various Ireland pictures

Start of the UK trip


Looking forwards to seeing you guys in Munich!

(And happy birthday!! :beers:)


Enjoy the UK, too bad it seems there’s not much time for you to come to Wales for a break.

Are you visiting Munich?

Afraid not, pending work and then a trip to Taiwan on May 23 meant I couldn’t justify this trip for a few different reasons.

Shame, it would have been great to meet you. Maybe I’ll make it to the UK in the not too distant future.

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There will be a Sennheiser HE-1, among other things, at CanJam London :smiley:

I’d love to make it to CanJam London but it falls right in the middle of my yearly family vacation and while London is a great place to visit, I’m not sure they are very interested in headphones :smile:

Yeah I completely understand, no idea why this year it was moved to Aug when it’s an obvious vacation month for most Europeans.

Ah well, back to Munich High End now and I’ll live vicariously through you guys.

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Happy birthday @taronlissimore !!! Roaming around Europe…not a bad way to spend a birthday! :birthday::partying_face:


Thanks for the Birthday wishes al!

Some pictures from Warwick


We had a customer with an issue with their Sonoma amp last week and Warwick took it back for RMA. Decided to just go in and fix it myself!


That red warwick amp looks cool :sunglasses:

Have a great trip guys, and enjoy Munich. Still hoping to make it to that show some year, its huge!

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It was super cool! I asked for a one off for my desk but I don’t know if I’m going to get my birthday gift :frowning:

Some more pictures from our day with Chord!

And @andrew and I popped in for a Chelsea FC match today


Left the UK this morning and flew into Berlin. But, @andrew and I actually ended up getting a ride from Poland to see his wife’s family! We’ve bother never been to Poland before and it’s been a great time so far.

On Tuesday we’ll be heading to HEDD Audio and Wednesday hopping on the Autobahn to make our way over to Munich!

It’s been a fantastic trip so far but haven’t really had the time to stop and catch our breath yet.

Munich is shaping up to be about 40% bigger than last year and I was absolutely floored by it last year so l’m really looking forward to seeing how things turn out this year!


First half of our trip is now done and Munich itself is coming up fast! Though still some other fun stuff on the way ahead of that.

It’s been a great time so far!

Starting in Ireland we visited Sennheiser whose factory was something out of a Sci-Fi movie. The level of automation and precision was incredible. Unfortunately no filming was allowed inside, but this was a seriously impressive factory. Not just in terms of the level of sophistication in production itself, but in consistency and testing they do for every unit. Seeing a voice coil being wound, joined, moved on and loaded into automatic acoustically isolated GRAS rigs for measurement was quite neat to say the least!

Ireland itself is absolutely stunning, and luckily we had some time to head up into the mountains and enjoy the view. Ireland being green is no stereotype, it’s absolutely stunning.

And of course…plenty of Guinness along the way. It genuinely is better in Ireland than anywhere else.

Then we headed over to England and visited Warwick acoustics. They have some exciting things coming in future, and getting some behind the scenes looks at the development and team really gave some context as to why the APERIO in particular is such an exceptional product.

Their location is also quite exciting as they’re based on the MIRA technology park, the UK’s hub for automotive development. Lots of stuff to sign just to get on premises, and plenty of exotic cars in camouflage around the test track and park at large. Though of course, the audio gear was what we were really there for and I believe it’s safe to say Warwick is a name you will be hearing a lot more in future…

Next up, Chord electronics. This has been the highlight of my trip so far, in large majority due to the attitude and ethos of the people there.
I won’t show too many photos as we will have some video content coming up and you should keep your eyes peeled for that!

Chord was incredibly open in terms of what DMS and I could film, in fact when we asked what we could or could not film, the response was simply ‘go nuts!’.
Their location is also probably the most characterful ‘factory’ I’ve ever visited. And I’m looking forward to showing you in the upcoming videos!

I particularly have to highlight that when we were there, we noticed that one of their technicians was working on what looked to be a quite old amp. Turns out this was over 30 years old, and Chord continues to service their products of any age. Their sustainability approach and how understated they are about that was honestly quite heartwarming, and the passion of the people there and WHY they’re doing what they do is inspiring.

But with the manufacturer visits in the UK finished, DMS and I headed to visit Jeremy Clarkson’s Diddly Squat Farm shop up in the Cotswolds.

Got myself some Hawkstone beer and Bee Juice which I’m looking forward to trying once I’m back home!

DMS came over to my new studio for a bit before we headed back into London for one of the best Indian meals I’ve had, and DEFINITELY the best Old Fashioned I’ve ever had. Seriously if ever you’re in London, you owe it to yourself to make a visit to Dishoom.

And now I’m currently at the airport about to head over to Berlin, with some good music of course!!

Very excited for this week! Hope to see lots of you at Munich!


Now in Berlin, first stop: Capybara


While in Munich, be sure to check out the surfers in the English Garden as you make your way to the Seehaus — my favorite bier garten on a sunny day.

The BMW Welt / Museum / Factory tour is highly recommended if you have time. You can also rent new BMW’s there by the hour for some autobahn fun… :wink:

For a day trip, you can’t beat the Kloster Andechs experience. Beautiful hike and even more beautiful bier garten at a monastery dating back to the 1400’s. Their dopplebock is consistently rated some of the best beer in the world.

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With all your food photos from every trip - I hope the next photo is NOT going to be a Capybara steak… :crazy_face:
@GoldenSound - I had a great time hanging with you at Eyal’s place in NYC… Will I see you again in Chicago next month?

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No plans for a Capybara steak!

It was great to hang out with you at Eyal’s too!
I don’t think I’ll be in Chicago unfortunately, I am planning to go to SoCal and London this year though!